21 abr. 2012

IS ALIVE AND COMPLETE, IS "PERSON" 8 weeks of gestation in the womb


8 weeks of gestation in the womb

ON THE BLOG "GOD IN MY LIFE", which may enter through this page, by clicking the corresponding link, you will find all information about Bill Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy.
Bill, the Majority and Minority reports were presented in the Senate of the Republic of Uruguay, and more information. Even a case where it was impossible to conceive that the life of "fetus" could ever see the light and totally healthy.
Many opinions and personal reflections.
And we will continue talking about this issue, which is very serious, and that transcends us.
Today we not only legalized crime. We GUARANTEE AND CREATED A NEW LAW.
Law which gives the woman to terminate her pregnancy at any time of gestation.
Perhaps in the text of the Act does not say explicitly, but by abolishing the penal code articles and everything that opposes the "present law" has been given the capacity and authority only to women to "kill".
Be free of that which not only endangers or could endanger his life, but because it is not the time adecuado.u time.
I recommend you read, and get informed so as to be able to decide to "conscience", parents, women, the right to life is not given to us to do with it whatever we want.
Today Uruguay has crossed the boundaries of "what man can do, but should not do," has taken the place of God and created a new law against Life.
Not educated for life.It educates for "freedom" with gender exclusions, and promoting sexual irresponsibility.
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The issue is not over.The reasons are very serious.
God has given us the ability to co-create with him.We have decided to ensure death.
Do not stigmatize women who have aborted.We love them.God also loves them.For the love of God is not partial, is eternal and indissoluble.But in man, in this case there is also women freedom of choice.It is God who judges them, are their own decisions, their free choices.The life if discarded, is the very woman who says NO TO YOUR OWN LIFE.
Your body does not belong, but even if so. The new body is born into it, that does not belong to him. It is a unique, original and independent as new human being, and has all the rights she claims for herself and deprives him.
I do not believe in scaring as a measure of awareness.I believe in educating in love to raise awareness.
So I have no pictures of aborted babies at 8 weeks, I preferred to bet on life, this picture of a "fetus" named for science, but for me, a new being, a human being whole and complete, shows us life in the womb.
I do not believe in Hell as a place in itself, I believe that hell is the time that we choose ourselves by our actions that deviate from the love of God.
Humanity and lives his own hell, but also his heaven. Because Jesus lives in and among us.It's about knowing how to love or not.Sexual freedom should lead to greater responsibility, because it is that comes LIFE.
There are tragic moments in the lives of people, of women that may not be another possibility that should be assisted in an abortion, but I wonder: this is not in the least amount of cases "?.
And I do not agree, the fact that the lives of women, the life of the fetus has less rights. The weakest and most vulnerable is who has rights. However, it does not penalize, and allow a woman at risk if all of his life, having children and no one who is saved from them, should live.
But I wonder: is the time of our choice to live or die.
And if that same mother, mother of one, two or more children, for example contracted terminal cancer, ¿would kill their children because they are alone?
No society of men and women, is not killing that we will live better. It is making us all responsible for solidarity and assistance, not judgment, help find answers. Answers every day God puts in our hands.
We are the "God's Answer" to every human being.
If a woman, teenager or not, violated or not at high risk of malformations that in her womb, decide to do it for LIFE. And we should go with her, support her, assist her. That is a task of the whole society, for which no legislation.
Legislators, legislate for the creation of institutions that support life and to assure the mother, father, if you and the other children if they are to be supported during and after having conceived and given birth to a new human .
Economic resources are. And are obvious. Today we support and we will pay if this bill finally becomes law at state institutions to ensure that women and of itself and a new right to choose abortion. Are our taxes, that of all, we will pay for abortions not cost anything to those who practice them.
But the laboratories and clinics, doctors will do their fees for performing an abortion.
Today is quiet this reality. But it is a great truth.
When we take real awareness of our actions?

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