21 abr. 2012


Jesus and abortionIt has established the dichotomy between "being Christian" and "abortion."

Today is Friday, Christians are still in the silence that brings the experience of Jesus died for our sake. And not just those who follow him, but everyone. Jesus gave his life for all mankind. For those who believed in God was his Father, revealed in him and those who killed him. Jesus never responded to the violence of insults, insults, lies, betrayals, or those who hid behind their robes of priests (Pharisees) wanted to maintain power. On the contrary, the act of leaving Pedro in defense of his Master and his God having drawn his sword upon the seizing of Jesus and already knowing what would be an end, Jesus rebuked Peter, and again received a harsh growled from of Jesus.

So Jesus answered to lie with the truth about the cruelty with love to the insults and wrongs with meekness, with patience the non-recognition.

Jesus dies not because his father had a plan that included the death of Jesus to save us. He had a plan where Jesus would go through the horror to end in death on the Cross. The men closed our hearts to love, men in their obstinacy and lack of understanding, men in their ideology set the course that ended with Jesus tortured, killed and crucified.

Today, the premise is the same: Jesus' whole life, that being life belongs only to a natural death then take him to embrace the fullness of Christ or the volitional decision, a volunteer with a consciousness of killing.

Abortion is "killing a whole human being", however much it bothers who does not want to see many circumstances, yes. The most modern technological equipment today show the nature and fully alive only a few days after being conceived. The way to eradicate this life, aborting, whatever the chosen method is to take the life of a unique, original and totally alive and take off.

The dichotomy is either follow Jesus Lord of Life or we abrogate the right to remove it.

The abortion for any reason that leads to it is put to death. And this is what belongs to the fascist, totalitarian, and within which are prone to it saying Christians ezquizofrenía in their living.

Today Saturday that from midnight entry live in glory, much desired by the Resurrection of Christian people, today is the very day that has come true.

Today those who call us fascists to defend life, and tell us to aggiornarnos because the world has changed and we are not able to see what happens around us are the ones who have the responsibility to offer solutions to women and men to this not occur. It is up which any life is sustained. It is your responsibility to create mechanisms to prevent and satisfaction to all life. Not like say a legislator, on which I have written in times of consider the draft law to decriminalize abortion in Uruguay "says the constitution life or rather the defense of life is only for people," aberracionista conception. Fetched to justify their own ideology.

The Christian people and no longer a Catholic can not. Can not! true follower of Jesus whole life and support abortion. This position is ezquizoide, means on the one hand I say I believe in Christ-Life and another in my daily life give death. Killing is always going against Christ. It is part of those who carried the Cross.

Today there is nothing to stop except the greed of power, lack of humanity in the expression of solidarity, conceived that a being is born.

There is no justification, except our selfishness, our desire to live a life without compromise, a life that leads us to eliminate that which surprises us and bother us.

Jesus compel us again today, or we are true followers of his father by following his example, his life and the love he has shown, or are liars and are always around to fill our consciousness.

Fascist is this supposed "democracy" but covered with such respect that prevents majorities and minorities.

Telling how many Marxists, Communists, Tupamaros, take their children to Private Schools Catholic, how many, if they start to add them see that they are more than those who take them to schools and colleges públios.

The disrespect is shown to the exercise of a government and some of their representatives who keep their old ideologies and not so old "imposition of their ideas," and this is not simply the implementation from the government of a terrorist state. No longer practiced as during the dictatorship, now overlap. Today is coated to be in solidarity with the poor and remains an amorphous mass with no right to a real quality of life. What have been granted: Circus and a total lack of education is what really carries the full exercise of freedom. Thus the words of Huidobro and many others are the product of that thought totalitarian, fascist, which is no different to those who exercised at the time the dictatorship in this country.

Respect of the sayings of Cotugno, and often even though I am not sharing his sayings Catholic compared only with another reality. Whoever abrogates the right to kill, so do give an injection or other means. I do believe that as the authority of the Church, they must leave the crossing of the words of a minister of state when he assaulted and encourages with their statements to the marginalization and resentment of a sector of the population: Christians. It may not give its defense. Even God needs no defense, the free exercise of Christianity passes responsibility.

Thanks to the representatives that we have and even supporters of all colors who have been honest and have expressed, that many Catholics to this quiet.

Christians beginning with the Church authorities and with all those who call themselves faithful to Christ, we are called to defend life. No matter the accent with which we name.

We do not judge those who practiced abortion, we receive and severally say there are many ways to save that life in you.

And this discussion comes amid Easter shows that the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit is moving lethargic society.

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