22 abr. 2012


I just read on Twitter, someone who says there is no taking responsibility for submitting a draft law on the birth control as a way to make sustainable life. The argument is that human overpopulation would prevent a better quality of life for humans.
How wrong is this thought?
That we prevent the "overpopulation" with restrictions on the birth rate is not the problem of hunger or lack of dignity for which today runs through the man, but the accumulation of wealth in few hands and the greed and excess power them through multinational and bad government policies generate.
Instead of attacking the very source which causes the evil that suffering humanity, humanity decided to attack the grounds that it is for their own good.
You might as well assert that to live in peace we make war.
The thought of some sectors of humanity is quite distorted. We should start by making a self assessment that lets us know that we waste the assets entrusted to us.
There are thousands of uninhabited places, my country is one of them, being a country with potential to accommodate many more and not having enough births, would place of shelter for many. Only these many within which we can generate wealth. The "others" no. For we can generate decent jobs. And this is a big lie.
In the economically developed world, the sustainability of human dignity does not exist. The question then arises: Why and what is the cause?
It's simple, perhaps too simple. But we do not see it, because necessarily imply a change of mode of life, openness to other's needs, an action that implies but does not accumulate in solidarity, a complete reversal of how we live today.
Humanity has space and have everything you need to live in dignity.
The first thing we must ask is How much we are responsible for who has power in a few extraordinarily large accumulation of reserves and resources that control the global economic processes?
With this thought of birth control as a way to live better, only with being accomplices of those who are responsible for direct line of hunger there, unemployment, drugs, place to live, and indirectly by us, our way of life increasingly futile and devoid of love and solidarity. Where we care about my comfort and not lose it.
There are enough deaths from abortions, wars, tribal fights, killings persecutions of all kinds, lack of medicines or access to health because of the disrespectful way of life we ​​have created as to believe that birth control we will respond to the economic crises affecting the world.
Replantemos we delegate our responsibility and not the other taking over as scapegoats for our unscrupulous way of life.

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