16 abr. 2012

Political Asylum, when did he allow it?

Political Asylum, when did he allow it?
Taking as reference the article in the Daily Uruguay Country
I do not know if the case accusing former member of the Israeli intelligence service Yehuda Cohen-prisoner in Argentina, it is true or not. I'm no lawyer, I have no documentation and I can not verify.

I think no one can actually verify the charges he is accused by the State of Israel.

Yes I have my serious doubts about the veracity. It comes as a reflection that are other reasons that the State of Israel and Israeli intelligence services have in relation to the request of the Uruguayan national expatriation.

No doubt neither his life has been hidden and unknown even to his own family. And as such trying to do in a town like Gaza and Cizjordania as a spy for the Israeli intelligence service. Surely his training and to also talk about behaviors that so early in my non-shareable.

But this is not about whether or not I share this city as a spy for the intelligence services should not do.

This is owed to "the rights of due process" and I doubt that from where it is so insistently claims alleging an offense of rape of a minor, however serious the crime is, has this man.

Claim is to "life" and "due process of a trial as fair and objective as possible if given" so I think deserves to be heard your requests to the government of Argentina and that of our own country .

It says here that has not reached any order via Foreign Ministry about it. Is difficult to believe. But if so, when it happens, should prioritize the direction imposed by the rules of "human right" enshrined internationally.

Not a citizen, is a former intelligence spy who calls for "asylum" in their country of ours while in detention in Argentine prisons.

We all know how easy it is to "create a new identity," as he was created for this person while serving the interests of Israeli intelligence. We also know how easy it is to "create a crime to charge him."

For these reasons and must prevail "due" in no way would have on Israel, or the country where he performed at the request of Israel, or against his wife's family, should be granted bail in Argentina and the order Asylum in Uruguay.

Then the facts will tell who is telling the truth.
The intelligence services have been created to respond to the interests of their countries. In many cases necessary. More known by all methods are highly reprehensible. And in most cases able to recreate situations exist in order to obtain results that directly benefit the proceeding is sought.

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