21 abr. 2012

Union of Catholic Apostolate CELEBRATES A St. Vincent Pallotti

April 21, 2012Union of Catholic Apostolatecelebrated at St. Vincent Pallotti

Today in the world, the Union of Catholic Apostolate celebrates St. Vincent Pallotti.217 years ago, was born the founder of the Union of Catholic Apostolate.

Vincent's dream was not what was ever found a new congregation. His dream, that God had given birth to him was THE Union of Catholic Apostolate. As John XXIII had serious drawbacks to bring all Catholics in a council which took four years to finalize, so long ago, St. Vincent Pallotti encountered the same difficulties. His dream was to give birth to the Society of Catholic Apostolate, but that his dream did not die, because it was God's dream, after much had to deal within the church itself, to accept the creation of the SAC, Society Catholic Apostolate. Thanks to their perseverance and hard work for not to abandon what was not a dream of his own, born of his ideas or imagination, but a DREAM OF GOD HIMSELF, does the decision.

Pontificium CONSILIUM

For the Laity


The origins of The Union of Catholic Apostolate back to January 9, 1835, when, by divine inspiration, St. Vincent Pallotti decided to found a work in which all members of God's people together to participate in the evangelising mission of the Church . St. Vincent Pallotti was seized by the idea that all the baptized, in response to the new commandment of love (Jn.15, verses 12 to 15), are called to be actively engaged for the salvation of others as much as their own, and also the personal apostolic initiatives are most effective if carried out jointly and aimed at the business of living and spreading the gospel together.

With constant development in the course of the years, The Union of Catholic Apostolate from the beginning it was composed of laity and clergy, secular and consecrated, has been articulated in many communities of the faithful of every state and condition of life, eager to capture the same vocation as apostolic ideals of the founder. Share the same charism presupposes the necessary distinction and complementarity between the different states of life in the church community.

Throughout its history the Union of Catholic Apostolate has received many demonstrations of consideration by the ecclesiastical authority. With rescript of April 4, 1835, the then Vicar of Rome, Cardinal Carlo Odescalchi, every blessing granted to members of the fledgling Pious Union of Catholic Apostolate. Subsequently, rescript of July 11 of that year, Pope Gregory XVI granted >> << thousand blessings to the same association (cf. St. Vincent Pallotti, Works, IV, p. 3 and 9).
As we read in the art. 1 of the General Statutes, "the Union of Catholic Apostolate, Holy Ghost, is a communion of the faithful who, according to the charism of St. Vincent Pallotti, promote stewardship of all the baptized to revive faith and rekindle charity in the Church and in the world and bring them to the unity of Christ. "
In his homily at the Roman church of San Salvatore in Onda, the June 22, 1986, Pope John Paul II stressed the central points of charisma that was St. Vincent Pallotti. Looking ahead, the Pope said at the time: "follow multiplying your commitment to what Vincent Pallotti prophetically announced and the Second Vatican Council authoritatively confirmed, becomes happy reality, and all Christians to be true apostles of Christ in the Church and the world "(Teachings of John Paul II, 9/1 [1986], p. 1899).
The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, as well as the post-conciliar Magisterium, gave special attention to the forms of joint participation in the life of the Church, expressing his deep consideration about (cf. Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity Apostolicam Actuositatem, 18 , 19 and 21 post-synodal apostolic exhortation Christifideles laici, 29).
Similarly, early in the new millennium John Paul II has written that is of great importance to "promote the various realities joint, which forms both traditional and newer ecclesial movements, continue to give the Church a vitality that is God's gift and is a real springtime of the Spirit. (Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte, 46).
For all these reasons,
View the instance on behalf of all family members presented the Reverend Father Pallottine Séamus Freeman, SAC, president of the General Coordination Council of the Union of Catholic Apostolate, which requested the erection of this aggregation as an international public association of the faithful, as well as the approval of the General Statutes;

Given the opportunity to proceed in this direction to ensure full compliance with the founding ideals of St. Vincent Pallotti, and provide new impetus to the spread of the charism of the Union of Catholic Apostolate in the Church and the world;
Having regard to Articles 131-134 of the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus on the Roman Curia and the canon 312, 1.1 of the Code of Canon Law, the Pontifical Council for Laity decrees:
1) the establishment of the Union of Catholic Apostolate as international public association of faithful of pontifical right, with legal status, as determined by the canons 298-320 and 327-329 of the Code of Canon Law;2) approval for a period of five years ad experimentum General Statute, duly authenticated copy of which is deposited in the archives of this Department.Given in the Vatican, 28 October, two thousand three, feast of Saints Simon and Jude.

 Guzmán Carriquiry                                                                                     

  Secretary served as                                                                                         

 Stanislaw Rylko

St. Vincent Pallotti died on January 22, 1850 in San Salvatore in Onda, Rome.

Today April 21, 2012 Today we celebrate the perennial CARISMA emerged of God in St. Vincent Pallotti

Your Spirituality is the driving principle: the multiform apostolic activity from his personal experience of faith. God gives as a gift of the Spirit, a profound experience of his infinite love and infinite mercy.According to St. Vincent Pallotti, the deeper motivation to act is infinite love. This is why man created in the image and likeness of God, find the meaning of his life if he remains in the constant exercise of love to men and God.This experience of the infinite love of the Father, allows San Vicente, to understand the deeper roots of Jesus Christ as the Apostle of the Father.
The experience of this infinite love leads to St. Vincent to perform each activity for life derived from that love of the Father and His love and redemptive salvation of men.In San Vicente apostolic efficiency of every baptized person is to live in imitation of Christ, the love of God and love of neighbor. Love is for Vincent Pallotti, the only reason that pushes who they want become available to work in the apostolate, for it to follow Jesus and participation in his mission of salvation, to save all men are undeniably inseparable. So how are all called to follow, also all have the same apostolic duty.

In St. Vincent, Mary, after Jesus Christ, is the most perfect model of the true apostolic and perfect charity, having dedicated his life to the glory of God and the salvation of souls to such a degree that surpasses in merit the same zeal Apostolic of the Apostles. Thus, St. Vincent, managed to introduce in the Litany to Mary the title of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, as an exemplary model of efficiency faithful apostle.The profound experience of God's infinite love and mercy leads to St. Vincent Pallotti to see the urgent needs of the Church in his time. So through the infinite love of God as infinite Vincent experienced the Holy Spirit gives birth to him a work in which all the baptized participate in the mission of the Church united in achieving a common goal. The Catholic Apostolate, God's dream brought to reality in San Vicente, is called to do what one can and should do for the greater glory of God and the salvation for herself and others.Thus is born a April 4, 1835 officially the work envisioned by St. Vincent Pallotti, when the Vicar of Rome, Cardinal Carlo Odescalchi, who gives the Pious Union of Catholic Apostolate every blessing.San Vicente with the Union of Catholic Apostolate not want to create a new institution in the Church, but, to confirm existing and effective his ministry, serving with tireless love, work, wherever possible, along with others in the ministry and promoting unity. According to Vincent, the unity of the Union of Catholic Apostolate founded on a commitment to live the love and zeal and so what is the charity must meet at least emulante organization.Today, as in his time the needs of this dream materialized in practice through the Decree of Pontificium Council for the Laity, has the same or greater today.Celebrate today the birth of St. Vincent Pallotti and with it the dream of God is a blessing to all who are part of the Union of Catholic Apostolate, as all those who feel themselves called of God and urgency of the salvation to all men.Happy day to all and may God grant us an abundance of love in our hearts to be an active part of this blessed dream born of the infinite Father's infinite love.

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