1 may. 2012


Pentecost, painting of The Greco

Being on Twitter is easy to be more or less aware of everything happening across and around the world. Watching and reading about more distant events, as the closest, I feel, "How much we miss living a" new Pentecost "!.

The world cries out for the absence of love.
The earth groans for the absence of love.
The man groans by the absence of love.

The lack of freedom, living in slavery in which man is subjected, and how pregnant it should not I be the nature and its creatures all? .

The feeling of frustration and failure.
The urge to be loved.
Return to feel that "we are creatures living in the dignity of being" individual ".

The horror of violence in all its manifestations.
The horror of death in all its expressions.
The horror of indifference to the suffering of another human being.
The horror of contempt for all creation.
The horror of the abuse of power by those responsible for managing the resources entrusted to them.
The horror of lawlessness and impunity.
The horror of hunger and unemployment.
The horror of the human being who is no longer considered worthy of "person".
The horror of leaving the most needy and is more fragile.
The horror of knowing that we are not heard.
So many horrors we live every day and we have become accustomed.

Need of love given to us free.
We need the solidarity given to us by love.
We need the experience of that deep unselfish love.
We need the courage to change ourselves.
We need the courage to say that God exists! and is a permanent reality.
We need to learn to "love".

The day is coming when the Holy Spirit comes with God Father and God the Son, the Holy Trinity in a new Pentecost.

Only the power of the Spirit descends at Pentecost made possible in those times, the Apostles lived the infinite love of God was manifested in the Son, the incarnate word, and who knew Jesus.

Only the power of the Spirit received at that Pentecost was able to bring about change. Out and say Jesus died and risen. He is the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior.

Only the power of the Spirit is able to re-advertise in our mouths as this act of great love.
Only the power of the Spirit is able to give us the courage to feel that the other is my brother.
Only the power of the Spirit is able to generate in us the need to turn to the infinite love of God and His infinite mercy.
Only the power of the Spirit is able to extinguish all flame of hatred and love making act of God.
Only the power of the Spirit can we can all understand each other's language and that is separation, making love in language understandable to all.
Only the power of the Spirit is capable of that with Christ and his call, we respond all.

The world, all of us, we need 'a New Pentecost. "

To the left.
Towards the walk.
Towards we prepare.

Pentecost is the act after the death on the cross of Jesus, greater than God gives to us. It fully God comes through His Holy Spirit to give us everything we need for free to live in his love. To transform this bitter world in which we live and choose to live a world that is absolutely possible!, A world in which you will not be indifferent to me, where I should not reign nor the hatred and violence. Where human dignity is standard. Where the love of God in every one of us "Reine". Leaving "the tower of babel of the isolation and arrogance" understanding each other all in one language: love.

It is not utopian. It is a decision. It is our decision. You choose to keep dying in this world we have created, or live in the world that God gives us, His Kingdom. Love

Pentecost gives us that possibility.
The Spirit Abbe fear, insecurity, misunderstanding, lack of love.

All without exception have the chance to live a new Pentecost.
Come brother, come!
Take my hand and come!.
Come to the table of our Redeemer!
United Church in faith and love!.

Christ calls us!
What is our response?

Will he find Christ, faith in the world when you return to us?

He does not depend up to you and my brother Christian. United in that love and under one Shepherd.
It depends on how much you love God, even in your imperfection, depending on your choice.
¿Raise up barriers of hatred, or abatirás with his love?

Church: You will leave renewed for the new Breath of the Holy Spirit? Do you leave and come to you modify this New Pentecost?

Church: You too are called to live in the love of God, let Him and be renewed vibrate, move with the breath of this New Pentecost.

Today more than ever we need Church have the strength to say yes to the call comes from God.

Christians, brothers and sisters, united in the same faith, walk together towards this great Pentecost.

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