12 may. 2012

GOD, for the man of today: A utopia?

Christ died
God, just one word for many and for many others: LIFE.
Since time immemorial, we have tried to "kill God".
God despite some "killed that brought us The Life" continues to love to the immeasurable.
Immeasurable, because it has no word to define the totality of his love St. Vincent Pallotti, he could express, which is "infinitely infinite love," a term that can encompass much and yet everything.
In today's world, where all, some one way and some another, looking almost the same, we fail to find the "model" that makes life life for everyone, not just the few.
The starting point is that if we take as example a straight line, and instead of starting from point 0, we point a thousand, this is regardless of God, but, considering what man can do, we will never manage to change the course of our lives.
Many have killed Christ in his heart, believing God to kill him. But what we have done is kill the sense of life within them, not God. God is not dead, God can not be eliminated, curtailed, expelled: it can only be bypassed by a personal choice: the individual's own. And yet he will live. Only you can not act on the decision taking: kill, deport, deny, delete it within you.
They have chosen to be "gods themselves," can never eradicate the truth of Jesus dead and risen Christ. One and the same. Jesus Christ. Both God on earth. Both the perfect unity of love of the Father.
Despite having killed "Jesus" misunderstanding of man-generically speaking, the Father, God has made Christ. He who came as "Savior" has become "Salvation". Full Source of Life for every human being. Source of Grace for anyone who welcomes you. Even "Fountain of Salvation" for which loving and working for love does not know him.
If we want a new world, where human dignity is a reality, we can only achieve this if the starting point 0, we put God in our lives. He is the source whence comes the salvation, the dignity of man and of all creation, we are only their makers or we can be in this world that has given us.
This Jesus died, God raised Christ is Full Life for those who want it.

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