1 may. 2012

"He who abides in love abides in God," St. Vincent Pallotti

The love of God is within you

"Enlightened by the Holy Faith, we must remember that God, infinite love and infinite mercy of our souls, wants all souls, also while living on this earth, having themselves a kingdom which is his holy love. So said our Lord : The Kingdom of God is within you. And this love makes the soul has God in itself. So John said, "God is love and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him"

In this state the soul does not have an earthly kingdom, but has a God who is infinitely more than all the kingdoms existing and potential. And it has in the order of sanctifying grace that has to possess for all eternity in glory.

So just a soul gets to make an act of love of God, deserves paradise. So Thomas said: "Any act of charity merits eternal life" And every moment has the ability to increase the kingdom. As it were, the soul that lives in the love of God in his grace, you can purchase as many as there are multiplied havens thoughts, words, good deeds you do in every moment, and that makes for the love of God.

But just as there are no good purpose for those who think, talk, work, want to, but also in things indifferent as long as everything is done for love of God, sin excepted. And if the soul that possesses the kingdom of God's love trying to do explicitly, with humility, love and trust, all for all good purposes that are pleasing to God-which are so many that we do not get to understand them-then the soul deserves at all, so to speak, so many havens apart, that is, paradise in so many degrees of glory for those who are good for those who think, speak and act for the love of God.

Personal reflection:

As I read these words of St. Vincent Pallotti, and thought about it, it brings to mind the Psalm of the day:

Psalm 87,
This is the city founded by the Lord
on the high mountains!
The soul the gates of Zion
more than all the dwellings of Jacob.

Wonderful things are said of you, O city of God:
"I will count Egypt and Babylon
among those who know me;
Philistines, Tyrians and Ethiopians were born in it. "

This talk of Zion:
"This, and one, were born in it,"
By recording the people, the Lord will write:
"All my springs are in you life."

Rereading the words of St. Vincent Pallotti and try to understand the words of Psalm 87, I feel the love of God is so infinite and immeasurable, not measurable in any way, which without exception are called to live in that love. Being love and being created by Him who is infinite love, infinite, God has placed in every being that love. No respecter of class, race, but that his love has been poured out on each of the creatures He created. And while each of us to live in that love and through thought, deed, word, by His infinite love and live in His Kingdom, in himself.

Thus St. Vincent reminds us that we can always live the glory of the Lord, the Kingdom of God every day of our lives as we live our lives for His sake

Alleluia! the infinite love of God.

How to live in the love of God?
Thinking if you love on earth, that love is belonging to God.
If you love on earth, can only respond with love to the one you love.
So love in the love of God.
If you do feel love in what you do,
you do the love of God.
So you in his love.
If your heart to love is to respond with love, you respond to love in the love of God.
Only our love is imperfect and imperfect love.
Plus all those who choose to love by loving God,
will be recorded as the Psalm says: As the people.

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