18 may. 2012

To live or die?

To live or die?

A New Pentecost

Between life and death is a fine line. Often depends on us. From our sensitivity and our attitude. Here is how a man diver rescues a baby dolphin and feed him with a bottle. This dolphin would not survive if it does not. If the sensitivity of someone not given into action.

Our lives depend on this sensitivity depends on the experience and give love. Not those who are at or think like us, respect of human beings-and those who are different from us-species animal, plant species, mineral species, aquifers, etc. -. How much responsibility do we as humans?

We were given the gift of being "freely loved by God" and rescued and saved by the love of "Christ", we are the offspring is expected of us?

Here is how the Holy Spirit acts where not expected.

I believe that human beings can change the course which he lives. I believe that human beings can learn to modify coexistence. I think humans can learn to respect everything around. Because I believe in God, believe in Christ who loved us to death to give us life, and I believe in the Holy Spirit of truth you can always change if we allow ourselves.

Today more than ever is at stake "our humanity", our man, our dignity.
Will we act to the Holy Spirit in us and through us?
So be it.

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