5 may. 2012


Grace and love of God

"Most of the city gathered to hear the Saturday following the Word of God.
Seeing the multitude, the Jews were filled with envy and slander contradicted the words of Paul.Then Paul and Barnabas spoke out boldly, said: "To you we should first announce the Word of God, but since rejected and not considered worthy of eternal life, we now turn to the pagans.
So the Lord has commanded us, 'I have set to be light for the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the ends of the earth. "
Hearing this, the pagans, full of joy, praising God's Word, and all who were destined for eternal life, embraced the faith.
So the Lord's Word was spreading throughout the region.
But the Jews stirred up some pious women who belonged to the aristocracy and the main city, causing the persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and expelled them from their territory.
These, shaking the dust from their feet in protest against them, they went to Iconium.
The disciples, meanwhile, were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. "Acts of the Apostles, chapter 13, verses 44 to 52.
Reflecting on Reading Day on Saturday May 4, 2012.
Who are the beneficiaries of grace and infinite love of the Father?.To shake me by the Holy Spirit, trying to understand the magnitude of the content of the words of God through Paul in response to the Jewish people, born in my response: All.
Everyone and no one excluded. The Word of God, this God of infinite love, infinite mercy as experienced and defined St. Vincent Pallotti, following the footsteps of St. Paul, is given to all. There are no exceptions to it where the Father wants to reach.
However, free will, the word preached to all, may be rejected or made flesh.
Also through the narrative of the Acts of the Apostles here shows that one God's chosen people, especially their priests, are the ones who rejected it. And were those who despite seeing how strongly touched the heart of a village for them not worthy of "the grace of God," used to "women of the aristocracy and had power" to go against them and drive to achieve what upset because confronted them with the true God.
From where I can talk, I understand nothing of theology nor do I have any doctorate in Bible, and I say loudly: my personal encounter with Christ. Yes, with all the distances that separate me from that great Apostle Paul and John and Vincent Pallotti among others, is the Holy Spirit that drives me to Christ and the infinite love and infinite mercy of God, which He shed on us all. And that spills over me too.
The Word of God, comes to all. It is for all and yet we see in the world that that word is accepted by those who no longer have the knowledge of Christ and rejected by those who do have. Especially for the stilling of the souls of those who must pass the knowledge that gives us Life.
The world badly needs a 180 degree change in their lifestyle. The earth and its inhabitants, all human and animal kingdom, vegetable and mineral: we call that we accept the Word was given to men.
Never mind the responsibilities of those here have or not the transmission of the Word, made flesh in each, is the ability to turn our faith, to help discover the faith in each other and rekindle the love to make it work.
Of misunderstanding and rejection of that Word will bear God, when face to face with Him only have to account for the "love that we have rejected and thus not lived or delivered."
Today it is necessary that the pagans and accepted in their hearts that Word which was nothing more nor less than all the infinite love and infinite mercy of God, we Christians and Jews believing yesterday integral part of the chosen people accept that Love infinity of God who died on the cross and rose again to break through the path of eternal life. Eternal Life that is Life in Him, in Christ, in the depth of love of God, the Fullness of Life.
And taking up a passage in the Acts of the Apostles said: "... The disciples, meanwhile, were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit." Experiment in how little or much that "pagan" converts into disciples to accept God's Word, filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.
Close and a new experience that God offers us, to live in this New Pentecost depth that she brings the need for thinking I am Christian because I follow Christ, but were still "pagan" by not being able to live fully the infinite love, I can by that wrap me Breath of the Holy Spirit that makes everything new and full of joy and the Spirit of Christ, begin to rotate 180 degrees my life with his strength, his love, his zeal, making credible all the faith that I says.
Trust, trust everybody in the Word made Flesh, Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Way and the Life.Believe that our knowledge of Christ is born of the words which man has interpreted along this journey, but the love that is born in us placed there by God to be living fully in us. To become flesh in us. Only then can then transmit correctly what is the way to God, Christ impels us with innovative airs of his Holy Spirit.
God did not remain buried in the writing of those days in the wilderness out of slavery to a people to release him, God did not remain buried in the words to explain the events experienced later led the disciples, apostles, doctors and teachers of the early church, God is not buried in any of all theologies of today and wrongs trying to make it more understandable and more profound way to him the true God is alive. He lives among us. Acts between us is with us. Discovering it is most important. Without it there are no words or knowledge that are worth anything. The intellect of man is capable of destroying all truth that begins in the personal experience of Christ in everyone, despite all his good intentions for making possible otherwise.
I am Catholic Christian and I do not believe in hell rather than own that we have created and live to Christ from the depth of his love in the length and breadth of my daily life. Where I see and feel alive and present in act each.
So all that we love in our lives and exclude others, not live to Christ and we are not followers of Christ. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are inclusive. His love for Christ and His salvation is for everyone. His Holy Spirit blows that love over all. So beyond writing about the "pro multis" as meaning "for all or many" I do not want to stay in words but in deeds, as in the Acts of the Apostles St. Paul says of his personal experience of the Risen , which died on the cross and rose again and he testifies.
So who comes to God and exercise your faith, living in fear of being expelled to hell or living in purgatory is not known for how long, does not know yet the true infinite love of God. It only remains for fear, not love.

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