13 may. 2012


SINGING THE LORD BECAUSE I IS GREATI rejoice in the God who saves me;I say happy nations;his eyes rested on me.
Attached to all people singthe God who saves us.
He made me great works,His love is stronger than time;triumphed over evil in this world,puts down the proud men.Attached to all people singthe God who saves us.
He does not want the power of a few,Dust-poor stands;gave bread to the hungry men,leaving the rich away empty.Attached to all people singthe God who saves us.Free to all men,fulfill the eternal promisehe did for his people;the peoples of the earth.Attached to all people singthe God who saves us.

When God tells us to leave the rich away empty, says of those who have filled his heart with what they regard as "wealth" while saying the "poor" who are considered in their humility that without him they are nothing. Already resentful men proud, to those who have power over others is exercised without control or measure, with oppression and terror. He called to live in your love Love that brings to all who live, does not exclude anyone from his heart and desire that this be the change you make it possible for all human beings and all creation FULL LIVE IN DIGNITY He gave us in Christ and Mary. His love is spreading throughout the land. Even those who do not know but act out of love in his heart. In this human love, LOVE DIVINE lives. Christ is for everyone, because God's love that Christ brought us is limitless, or measures, without heights or depths. Men, women, old and young, all are hope. A Light in the world, because He is the Light of the World and Love in the Holy Spirit blows where it wills. Do not be like the Pharisees and doctors of yesteryear, not to judge our brothers, learn to live in God's love that binds everything and nothing separates. I think we can be instruments of that change, a world where we all live, humans and animals, creating all the dignity in which we were created. For He, Jesus, Christ conquered death and evil in this world. We just have to let ourselves be loved by Him and live in His infinite mercy. So there is no right nor left, nor wars to keep the peace, there will be a world where every answer is always full respect for dignity. For God there is nothing impossible.

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