12 jun. 2012

God always provides

The miraculous catchKonrad Witz Painting 1444

Reading the first reading today from the Liturgy of the Word, in the First Book of Kings, chapter 1, verses 7 to 16, I find that the Lord asks Elijah go to a town and establish there, he would find a widow, whom he, the Lord asked him to provide food. It was time of great drought in the town where Elijah lived. Elijah fulfills the saying of the Lord and goes to its new destination. He meets a widow and asks for water and food. When it does, it replied that water would bring him to eat but there was only a small handful of flour and some oil to make one tough cookie that was all I had for her and her son. Elijah tells him to prepare it for him and that God would not fail to fill the jar of flour and oil until the drought finished for her and her son. And so the scriptures say, the widow did.In my reflection I imagine Elijah fulfilling the words of the Lord. Doing so despite all the doubts in your mind the reason you give. I imagine him asking: Is it true that I have heard good God? This poor woman who gives me everything, nothing is left. And if not, if I eat in my desperation I take her and her son the last thing you left? And I imagine the widow thinking but did not say: Why do I have to trust this man says give me all I have and without it I'll die with my child if I give it?How many times have we found identical at a crossroads? How many times have we faced the harsh reality that everything we thought was safe and gone and we are looking at the world feeling that nothing can give us an answer to the despair we feel against the impotence of what happens to us: no have enough to sustain us or our children or us?I stop in often met there, in that of Elijah that had nothing to eat and that of the widow who had to take what was left to alleviate the hunger of another.And despite doubts Elijah leaves the question aside and do what God tells him to leave the place, which is installed in another room away from where you live and ask him to get food for a widow to he asked her feed. And despite all their doubts and fears about such an uncertain situation, the widow does what God expects of it: you have fed him who has found.That is the assurance that I want for me. That is the certainty that God has always shown me in my own life. That shows me today.In my personal case and given my current state of absolute chaos that involves the loss of my house (I have the eviction), and unable to pay the costs of renting the house I was given on loan by God, knowing what it means and not directly to me, but for the person who was once my husband, God has gotten me out of the house where I was born: Elijah Montevideo and how in times of drought as the time when I meet tells me that go to a place far from Montevideo to find the food there today I have: resources to sustain my life. Resources He will give me. And how the widow, also today to be my husband still believe that lost by taking over debts left by not being able to assume, assume and take charge.God in the most difficult situations and always multiplies the "multiplication of the loaves" that gives everything despite believing that you can not stand. He which acts according to God's love and that love never fails to provide.I count my life and my experience because it is very easy to talk from the imagination of a situation that has lived more when you live and is the abiding presence of God working in our lives, only then can we give true testimony.What piece of me? Just as Elijah guess beyond doubts "rational" faith is imposed, the certainty of God's action in this regard that Elijah and I have lived in my case.An infinite God as infinite love define St. Vincent Pallotti, the God whose essence and nature is love as John says, is a God who always "provides" always loves us and sustains us always. No matter our thinking, always conquers and love prevails because it speaks to the heart. He says: "Trust in my love ever leave you."Today, with little hair loss due to strees that I have lived to follow my will and not see the way He told me, today with five dogs and very low income, my heart has been overcome by the love of God and my reason no longer opposed. I like Elijah to meet life as He gives me salvation.Created in Him because God never let me down, always has been, always in my life, often through other people, many times in the abandonment of them, many times in the rescue has given unimaginable when I look back.So can not tell you how: Let yourself be loved by God. Allow may work more than his reason that he denies or opposes. Build a space where I can work salvation for everyone. When you play today get to accept it despite not understanding, and that plays to do so despite his not understanding why?. God nourishes us if we abandon the certainty of his infinite love.Who else can give such love?

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