16 jun. 2012


Details of the birth of the Virgin Mary
MURILLO painter's work.

Human life comes from a Si.If that translates into the treasure most dear to God.

Human life can be co-creators with God. With this God infinite love and tenderness. Say NO to NO human life is God. That is NOT to exist. Saying NO is destroying the future of humanity.

When we say no to a new life, when we say NO to the existence of a life, when we say NO removing a human life, say NO to the future of humanity and creation.

Today 2012, has raised an outcry in the world: "We have birth control so they do not perish and those which may be incurred"

No more absurd than to oppose life simply being a passenger. When it roars by birth control, do not believe in God. God has given us everything we need. And we said we would be infinite as infinite are the grains of sand, and endless are the stars.

And gave us a place, a world, a planet to live and share.

The greed of man, the meanness of some men, unbelief which have prompted it to roar for birth control to the extinction of the human species. << No place, can no longer born, what will they eat?, Where will they live? >> When it comes for example from China and other countries.

I answer: How long borders and nationalism that we have created men catching clods and Taking Ownership of them are an excuse to kill or not to let the world come to a new human-image and likeness of God?

Who has told the man that his meanness and territoriality is a good valid and must be perpetuated?

Who has told the man that his darkness and greed, consumerism and its arbitrariness confused with "ideologies and nationalism" is the reality that humans must follow?

I asked and asked: Are built with blood borders, languages ​​that separate us, utopian ideologies to preserve an alleged false identity and lead to a better quality of life if we say no to human life?

It's time to rethink our values, it is time to remove the comfort of our guts, greed, life does not look beyond our noses small and poor.

We're heading to a bloody world, and that blood flows through our hands like Pilate and although we want to wash our hands and move on, the rule of life, the rule of God is stronger and calls for our conscience to rethink a world truly worthy be called "human."

That if Mary Ann's mother that if Mary made possible the birth of Christ, give us the confidence born of faith in that God who is not death but life. That asks us to change direction, change our hearts. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and many others have shown that in the deepest pain is more carved stone radiates the light of Christ, in which nothing is sought but only love.

If instead of wanting to keep our hearts closed and filled with death, we open ourselves to a converted heart, life is not bad, is a gem that should never be neglected

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