24 jun. 2012





As I contemplate this beautiful picture, I feel like from the day your Yes! gave to the Father, invite us to look beyond the obstacles and difficulties we go through life. I see your eyes to heaven, looking with confidence to the love of God that your hand tends to all mankind.

Look who talks to the Father's hand that touches the heart because he feels that love that receives flow out of him and then hand that reaches giving the Father's mercy. He asked me what time you wanted to represent you and who embodied in his paintings?, Maybe at the moment after your Self by becoming the birthplace of Salvador, or do after having been present at the Cross?, Or perhaps during transit of the passion of one who was still your son know your God and Savior of the world?.

Touch my heart all you extended to us, with an eye toward the one God of infinite Love and Mercy and feet and your donation to be for everyone on earth, as you were human.

Today the world Mother who walks aimless drift and guide you, you need to stop and contemplate.We need you back to that look, that does not look at another one who gets life in abundance.We need to see your hands directed to the heart and then be offered to every creature of God.We need to retake the course and see where our hearts can rest and start again from there.

Dear Mother, Mother nearby, our Mother, Mother show us that there will always be in God through you a sweet delivery. Submission of love in the conception of the Son, you gave us for our salvation from Him arise.

Never especulaste with what you had expected or not. You had everything you needed, you had in your heart to God and Jesus in your life. Everything was given. Nothing was missing. Your love is poured. Your look conduce.Tu we certainly teaches us. Your life is our example.

Dolci Madonna, Sweet Mother, sweet woman who gave himself for love wholly to Thy look again loaded the Father's love for us to follow the Son, Christ as our Light, Way, Life and Full Salvation.

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