17 jun. 2012

WE DO THE NETWORKS towards or away?

What happens to us?

In a world that we start from the narrowness of our little worlds, the Internet has allowed ensancharnos, to the point that what happens at the antipodes of our countries, our cities and our neighborhoods affects us directly. We can not live in a bubble and individual staff. We can no longer ignore what beyond our noses is happening. This world was once again little has been immense. We are not only those who inhabit a country, but an entire world. We have become a giant humanity.

This humanity in which we have seen involves all of us involved in the particular. What affects a human being in India affects us here in Uruguay, which affects a human being in Pakistan affects us here in Uruguay, which affects a human being in China affects us here in Uruguay and so anything that affects anywhere on the planet and directly affects us each and backwards.

Internet has become, the path toward or away. Brings us to the extent that we can use that road "virtual" cyberspace, to openness to others. Towards dialogue and understanding. Towards the close of that of which nothing knew to be that every day we learn more in depth: in their interests, their concerns, their hopes, their sufferings. We are about to be able to experience not only interested us and our own needs.

But the Internet is the most powerful weapon against the man himself. It becomes an island. As small as his own humanity by a more and more unalloyed individualism. Social networks show these competing interests: integration versus confinement. And man, not all, but a large part of humanity lives on the Internet a separate world, where it becomes "humanity in the desert", in the solitude of his own thought and existence.

Thus we see that the dialogues on the Internet and social networks are truly self-centered monologues based in his own being, based on their own thinking. No interaction. There is no opening. There is no interest beyond their own particular interest and at most media interest in world events.

This results in having a "Red Sea" to spend without being crushed by the big waves become a deep sea of ​​sand that chokes us with its blizzards.

It is a great tower of Babel. Each speaks its own language and seeks to understand the other. No one seeks to approach but only momentarily with which it shares a thought or ideology, a situation or an event that repeats again and again and making others do not read, does not seek to interpret or make his own.

The world we live has become hostile empire of our own selfishness. We have become "like gods", where the primacy is our short "truth." No exchange that nurtures the differences that enrich allow the different, which builds the path of dialogue and that way: peace.

Freedoms rather than deepen begin to drown. Thousands of laws of the countries implemented from their governments and supported by its citizens to "shut up" and thus "give" make us responsible for a world increasingly preoccupied itself. A world of arrogant and proud. A world that paralyzes creativity, free thought, to build a world without ideological barriers that separate from each other causing the sides of good and bad.

We can not, out of ourselves and begin to hear, read, speak without insulting, without neglecting, without insult, without ignoring what from the other a like me can become rich, modificarme, make me a better person.

It is our choice. It is our decision. Or live in the solitude of our own personality reflected in your own mirror and answered herself or begin to get out of that shell that every day becomes a wall and separates, and nothing helps build a better world.

What kind of world we leave to others who come after?

This is the big question.

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