15 jul. 2012



First I want to expressed my opinion about the "gender diversity" and state "gay".I'm not homophobic which also leads me to not be segregated in any aspect of life.

Today it comes to the fore the consecration of a right: The recognition of gender diversity and equal marriage.

As members of a society can not ignore that the "gender diversity" exists and is real. And as human beings are free to express assists as feel and see enshrined those rights to which all gain access as the right to freedom of speech an inalienable right.

But I think we should keep in mind that the "gender diversity" leads us to consider at all, as humans what does it mean, what should be their rights, and what extent can you take?

How human being I can not ignore the fact that society exists in this reality. And how such rights must be guaranteed. Regarding scope, there may be possible to ask: What is the position of the Church, the Catholic, to which I belong, a segregationist attitude, homophobic?

First understand that human beings have meaning for the Church.

God created mankind in two distinct and complementary male and female. The individual creates for each manifest in the co-creative ability is likeness to God States: man and woman are capable of generating this co-creative ability of God. God for believers is the Lord of Life therefore created us as human species also awarded to the species that inhabit the building, the ability to be co-creators with him. The difference in the human being that God is doing in His image and likeness gives man and woman, united in diversity, can gestate another with the same condition to partake of that being created in the image and likeness the Creator.

Being the only creation of God: human beings with this image provided with the opportunity He has conscious and volitional (which does not have the species) of transcending themselves to achieve this image at its most perfect.

Man and woman were created to give new life, in the strict sense and in the broadest. Thus the Church has the responsibility of uniting in Sacramental Marriage, re-one to two that can generate new life able to express that "image and likeness of God."

In what has been called "gender diversity" if you join in Sacramental Marriage would the Church encouraging the possibility that two different feel one with the ability to be "Image and Likeness of God"?, Answer is no. But not a not irrational, but not because two of a kind as can not create another human being under the identity of "Image and Likeness."

Was God the generator or gestador of that woman's body there is a male soul or vice versa?No. However there on gender diversity in its own merits, not accepting the original constitutive essence: their own sex. Is separated from it. Not recognized it. Is why this is generated like that, is very questionable. Science has not been able to determine nor psychiatry or psychology. What seems clear is that being born male or female in the "gender diversity" is an element that prevents the person is located and live according to their essential nature, which was created, or born as male or female. Without any questioning of their existence, who participates in the "gender diversity" is divided from its original condition simply because it is separate.

It is in this understanding, since I say why two of the same gender can not join in Sacramental Marriage Ecclesiastical. Since it is the only sacrament in which God the parties involved because they seek.

The human being is entitled to be recognized as such, have rights to live as he is entitled to participate in the same rights that are recognized human rights. But his own "free will" that was given from gestation by God, involves not only rights but also that same freedom when it involves self-determination limitations.

We all this happen. If I choose to love a woman because I feel "carried it" in advance that are safe by scientific means or adoption, I will not be able to generate on my own with a different one of my (male) a new being with the same power of being "Image and Likeness to God."

And except for scientific intervention mankind would be able to continue re-creating and nurturing new human beings with equal potential.

Therefore love and perversion, but love, that they can live for two same gender is not something that belongs to them, they can only live because love is given us by God as a gift and therefore not ours.

Can two people of equal time "kind" love? Of course I do. This from my point of view would it be condemned by God? I think not. Since the experience of love from receiving that love freely by God, his experience is the choice each of us takes.

I say choice as to the experience of love, because unlike what is the feeling, love is a choice that goes beyond the immediacy of feeling that is fleeting or can be. Self beyond the ephemeral feeling that gives me love, difficult or painful circumstances I can choose to continue loving though. While the feeling is so finite as we are finite and limited as limited as we are, the love of God membership, the essence of God is not. So I can face any situation volitionally choose to love beyond the pain I've caused and reconstruct my inside it.

However, from the standpoint of human rights and our own Constitution, the Constitution, that society as a whole has recognized as a means of living, should accept "gay marriage" from legal. I think so. It is a right that gives us the same opportunities and potential legislative backup at all. Are two of the same gender would then have the right to civil marriage? I think so. This is my opinion as a Christian.

From the point of view of the Church, not fundamentalism or old archaic ways of understanding the message of God can not do. Not confirm something that is certainly not going to happen.

The other interesting point in this whole difficult issue is whether the civil marriage made by both spouses in the same genre should be called or be otherwise identified. My position on this is not. If we did we would be segregating, separating, injuring a right that has been given society. In fact the name of the institute that would allow the legal union in marriage of two of the same gender does not change the nature of the event. Therefore, although in its formation the word marriage is inclusive of the fact the word "mater" does not substantially modify the act itself.

Something very different is the experience of faith. There when we took the life of faith in a particular religious community, we assume by experience and conviction to God that we create in our image and likeness, but the God That Is From this point of view we adhere to Him in all things involved.

God damn the civil union of two of the same gender who love each other, I think not.God does not condemn, not his nature.The man takes measurements throughout his life.And then when the time comes to post-death encounter with this God who waits to ingresarnos in the fullness of life, and only we ourselves will see how we have come to him or how much we have moved away from him in the capacity of have received that love from you and have given to everything around us.

If this were not so, heterosexuality would be guaranteed by the mere fact of being, to get to experience the fullness of life without saying anything more than their heterosexual status.

And we know that heterosexuality and homosexuality is perversion in.And these are the ones that should be repugnant, because they are generating extensive damage and very serious injuries.

There is then the basic condition of homosexuality perversion.But an act of perversion, disease or decision in the field of "transgression" in the latter instance, what makes the difference so gay (men and women) and heterosexuals. And these are the aberrations that must be prosecuted by the society as a whole. In this context then, both heterosexual and gay, the question is: Does the experience perverse sexuality is allowed us as a society as a whole?

Returning to the heart of the legitimacy of "gay marriage" from my humble opinion as a Christian should be entitled civilly but should be accepted that at least within the Catholic religion can not enter into the Sacrament of Marriage. 

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