7 jul. 2012


PLUNA and not said

Pluna has taken the lead in the government's concern. It has called on the opposition for their support or create "strategies" to save the Uruguayan Flag Line. It has been called when everything is predictable that with the events "expected" that the trials of former officials won their lawsuits Varig, Pluna has no choice but to go bankrupt. Only possible solution at this point, because before our eyes is that the company can not pay.

The question of all is it not a responsible attitude expected to be possible for this to happen, and what perhaps lawsuits by officials as a possible answer Varig had "won the lawsuit filed against the company PLUNA?

Here comes the big question: Is there irresponsibility in managing the company?, Is there negligence?, Is there naivete of the State?

There is the opposition who say that today is not the time of analysis to see who or who have the responsibility that we must support the government to seek out and put forward the general interest of the workers of today in great distress PLUNA .

Others argue that solutions can not in any way, you can not find solutions without having clear responsibility for what happened and that any mechanism is a solution to the problem. And it's true.

Without going into the discussion or analysis of responsibilities and lack of guarantees that the state has given us the time to carry out checks on the management of the company, there is a clear reality: PLUNA can not continue with what has not. The worst part is that it can no longer provide assurance of compliance or as joint venture or as a state enterprise. The State is not the first time and do not exercise proper control of the various companies of which it forms part. Much has been what we've all had to assume for "negligence" on behalf of a government hiding behind the word state attempts to dilute their lack of good management.

The cruel truth may want to pass "minus the word state," while the disaster in our country with PLUNA as "prima donna latest addition and the setback" is that government after government has allowed foreign partners we "jopeen" our profits and we embark on trial after trial that the "State" now has to take in millions in losses. Yesterday was with Varig and billionaires today we face trials. Morning all directly and indirectly affected by the announcement "coup of the government" without informing all those directly involved and who would be affected by its decision, complainants will be the new law against the state shall guarantee the full effects of the company's business associated with PLUNA majority until recently.

PLUNA go bankrupt, maybe only possible solution. If this happens the "auction of property" is also a clear opportunity to address some of the debts with their creditors.

Pluna has a capital in aircraft but as must, will gain nothing. So if you are finished, beans and sticks worth and here the question arises: Who will be willing to buy these planes at a bargain price? and What benefits do you bring in the immediate future?

Today and just thinking about my business strategy comes a name that has been raised but quickly stopped ringing. A beneficiary that when the bridges cut by Argentina that the government of former President Vázquez allowed to last more than five years with total self-confidence, become rich, and above all things and the worst become the holder monopoly on transit by sea.

Will he again who already have some of the domestic air transport lines who finished creating a new monopoly? ¿No monopoly of the Uruguayan State, but private to put the new rules and therefore all we have no choice if we want to connect with the world via air have to go through your company?

Who will benefit in this terrible game that can not be raised as ineffective? Maybe that has already let the "MONOPOLY BY SEA."

Insurance is not the people of Uruguay or the future which will benefit users of this gift we have made of PLUNA.

Is it possible that the Uruguayan government has allowed to enter only with dollars 15.millones who was to be the owner of 75% of the Company?

Bettina GaloManager Open Arms of the Father.

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