14 jul. 2012

Progressivism NEW GOVERNMENT

The New Progressivism government: Banks and the Bailout or Hunger.

The financial crises of the human place in check.

What is wanting to rescue? ¿When a human being? Is the dignity of creatures of all species?The crisis is largely "speculative".The "progressive" governments come to the rescue today.

The question is: what the rescue? ¿Of hunger that plagues millions of human beings?, Or boxes banking and financial speculation?

U.S., Europe, and now added China, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Japan, Israel, and others, all different governments and all equal in their management. The role at the expense of human beings, the bailout at the cost of living death of humans.

They have crossed all boundaries of possible values ​​that we have been sustaining. We changed governments: those of the "right" to the "left" of the "doctors" to the "proletariat", the "wizened" to "progressive". What has changed in these "changes"?

It says fewer indexes of "extreme poverty", perhaps, but not the reality, we just changed the look on the "extreme poverty". Today human beings are dying in horrible ways life, like yesterday. Yet the "progressive governments of all dyes" say: we have lowered the rate of "extreme poverty" to the "poverty". The question arises: to what social strata have lowered those rates? Is it real?

My answer is No!We have only changed the "look". Yet everyday reality crushes us with his truth.Thousands of people die as a result of "unbridled bailout" who run government systems today, and have been doing from the beginning no matter the color or ideology of the parties that the government's reach of each country.

The images of the beginning of this note are telling: change "paper" with "human beings".

I do not know anything about economics or the micro or the macro. And I really do not care. Just know that everything today is still trying to go against the minimum human dignity. And what still matters to governments' interests managed by the big financial monopolies "is the" paper "and not humans.

The now called "progressive" governments are only that: the name. The stark reality is that they have been engulfed by large systems "speculative" and the interests of very few still giving priority over the interests of many.

Progressivism is today: the need authoritarianism to handle a "mass" increasingly more people who see their rights curtailed all "human beings".

May God forgive us, because we know what we do. We kill life and rescue "role."

Can we keep building these realities based on ideologies that blind us?

Human rights today are just the name that has been transferred to the rights of large financial systems that rule over "human rights" that both the mouth are filled now called "progressive governments" as equal in their interests that called yesterday "right-wing governments."

Regardless of categorization: right or left, capitalist or liberal, the truth is one and jump out at you in all categories that relate to human needs take precedence only "the rescue of the interests of the usual suspects: the speculative systems financial "

How much longer with the eyes, hearts and minds clouded by what is ephemeral and has no substance?

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