29 jul. 2012


The pain of the powerless in a world in crisis.

Reading all I can about the events in my country and the world continues to impactarme in these days of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the pain of the powerless. The crisis that began affecting the U.S. and Europe does not seem to yield. But governments are desperately concerned to address and help the banks and keep the Euro at all costs.

The world is not limited to U.S. and Europe, and yet all the attention from the largest to the smallest and are watching what will and the consequences of so much speculation and mismanagement. Responsibility is no doubt who manage the public interests, but even more so a way of life that we have given back to those who continue to suffer without anyone notice them.

Today I read that in Spain the crisis has been affecting those families who have children in its custody or under to which the State subsidizes to take charge of their livelihood. These children today are at risk of returning to its previous state "returned" like "objects" and not human beings with serious problems, including having experienced several dropouts. And today, exposed to a new abandonment. Be delivered to various institutions from which they departed.

Through the different societies through information, billions of people suffer from a total abandonment and the crisis should give us a new way to think of ourselves at the moment keeps us mired in paralysis and try to juggle to hold a way of life that has come to an end.

Excessive individualism and selfishness that has led to the reasons and causes of the crisis facing the world. While it was "consumerism and acquisition of a course being" the real crisis happening to our side and we looked at (except a few who are always there for others) to stop and see if we were to spread. And as the saying goes: If you reached your neighbor you also have to touch you.

It is time to reflect, to look, to rethink and human society. To rebuild the core values ​​that sustain life. This is our chance to end the prejudice of many who have been suffering from desamparo.Podemos always do. Not if the solutions are going through the same schemes that are ultimately led us to live what they have always been living "other" and we happen to us.

Is it genuine attempts to rescue financial systems, speculative as you can despite the sacrifice we have to do, create a more just, compassionate, fair? Definitely more worthy.

The pain of helpless always claimed. It calls us to put aside thought patterns that come from selfishness, individualism, narcissism, self-centeredness.

It is our time. The time of humanity. The time of the encounter with the true values. Putting blame each other and to find more points of union disunity. It's time to feel the responsibility as part of human society we have all this pain that has left the helpless moaning and dying in the most absolute indifference of the systems that we have created.

It is a work impossible, just enough to look at the other side by side and begin to see ourselves as "human beings with equal rights and opportunities," reached if we start helping each other. See the current crisis as a devastating war if we had reached. Stand up and unite behind a common purpose that goes beyond the interests of ideology.

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