8 ago. 2012

URUGUAY, a country of hypocrites, children of others.

Those who promote self-cultivation of Marijuana

What parliamentarians and those who are parents that support Marijuana Gird foster the use of the same to your children?Does the permissiveness will be for the children of others?

Country of hypocrites. A society that does not take the lie that lives and lives.We hear all clamor for a more just, equitable, that promotes tolerance.The truth is that we are filled with words only.

While we are absent, still to the bad management of government policies and backed in Parliament.

Uruguay is content that has been lifted Country capacity index investor and on the other hand promotes the cultural and social death of its population.

The son of another, not mine. The son of another, not voting in parliament. The son of the marginalized, not voting in parliament. The son of another, not who governs us. Always looking out toward the other, to which we believe plays nearby.

That other, which consumes Pasta Base today, we want to rid ourselves of, that is to not think of as my own son. When the legislator, this law promotes self-cultivation of Cannabis (Marijuana) despises. Her own son, well he will cry to heaven and watch over the Gird consumption or not, but it is the "son of another." And they lie and lie saying it is to prevent an increase in drug trafficking and do battle against the drug they consider criminal: Pasta Base.

Uruguay, a country of hypocrites.They are the children of others.They are those who steal, kill by use of "damn Pasta Base".

Now we will become a producer and marketer of marijuana and sell it to the children of others as well as the hypocrisy reaches the point where the legislators themselves may eat and shop as usual but risks being penalized if they discover farming.

The hypocrisy is installed in Uruguayan society.The index that awarded since if you do approve this legislation is the first country to produce Safe suicide of society

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