10 sept. 2012


When we ask why?

In these days through the death of Blanquita Vicuña, the older daughter and Benjamín Vicuña Pampita Ardohain has brought to the fore the issue of death, however situation is always present in our lives and in the lives of all. Death is part of us and of our nature: we are born and die. The time that elapses between an instant and the other never know. But always expect to be the big, older, grandparents, parents and children who never us travel farewell then life on earth that we call death.
Despite our desire, our time thinking no "right" to live and one for "die" time for every human being is different and it is that time. Pain is experienced differently by different cultures, and that's where "death" is experienced as a passage to another circumstance where happiness and that being who is loved not move in more pain or suffering.
There are many times when the loss of a loved one, especially when it comes to a child where the question is why? Why did this happen? And if you are a believer the question is: If God exists why allow this?, And I've heard so often as "no response".

We can not all react the same way against the death of a loved one, about us somehow been given the grace to see it through the pain of absence, confident heading to a full life, to a life where using the "threshold", "gate", as a new birth, gives birth to life in Christ, and in Him in the fullness of God. Not conformism. Not me, not who have lived experiences that give us this assurance. The certainty of knowing that we live to go to God and a full life.

Death is a reality that sometimes we have to close and others despite its remoteness also touches us or should touch us.

My certainty of God is that unlike as it is known, is not the "miracle" that we expect at all times, but life itself. A life that we live here and we live afterwards. The circumstances under which death occurs is often a result of our own actions and often can avoid it temporarily because it is responsible for how we act. But always in our nature die. And for that there is no age. And no Divine justice issue. It is the subject of our own human nature that birth and death are two moments that cross.
Divine justice operates in ways incomprehensible to humans. Many times there are signs of salvation, saving acts throughout life. What we can not believe is that these acts of salvation does not include death. Death can be an act of salvation.
God loves us deeply and always next to each human being, also in suffering and in pain. I have heard that there may be people living pain as the death of a child because they have the strength to do it. Sincerely and from the bottom of my certainty that I do not believe this. God does not send suffering. Or who may or may not be spiritually prepared. God is God of life, death is part of human nature and disease. And suffering too. God Himself, Jesus Christ as fully man, lived from joy to suffering and martyrdom, and ultimately more heinous death who can live only loved: death on the cross.

We all go through various deaths and various diseases or accidents and injuries and is not that God has sent us. Yes, God at that time more than any other will surely our "force" that will help us overcome any circumstance. God will be for who they want and believe in Him and in His infinite love and mercy who support and deliver us back to life in a new way. Up to laugh again after a death.
Yes, we can increase our faith to live and grow in it. It is never easy. It never ceases to be painful, never fails to move us, never stops cuestionarnos.Más possible after the first shock, and by the time we take each, because each time the absorption of this new circumstance is different and ever valid, go out and make the process of "resurrection", and I'm sure that this output is very different in those who are believers in God to those who are not.
These are my certainties of God in whom I believe and that I have total certainty, that after several deaths, large losses, and other sufferings have come to know more deeply and that at all times he is my rock and my joy.

As a point to be here to express that part to die, does not rest in peace, live fully. Lives in eternity's infinite love of Christ. And in time all will be part of the life that awaits us.

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