8 sept. 2012

My new story

My new story.

Life is a succession of deaths and resurrections. For now and for a while, we feel that what we are experiencing remain. One day, unexpectedly, everything changes. The decisions we have taken, the actions we have carried out, the words spoken and unspoken, become a whirlpool that changes everything. Suddenly nothing is as it was. Throughout that time we were living in a certain way and we thought for eternity (in good times and in the difficult) have been showing signs announcing that something is going to happen, that a great change ahead. Only that often do not pay attention and let them pass, many others have declined and the eyes closed and the reason he does not want to assume.
And a whirlwind surrounds us. Everything changes. The floor and we argued that it was not. At first everything becomes muddy. Everything seems no light and darkness can fall into depression, or pit closure. My life has gone through all this, as everyone's life, like yours and that of someone close to you know.

For my part, God always has been showing me what is coming and many are the times I have resisted him. So I've been involved in numerous eddies and floorless frequently. And I learned that it is not possible solutions with my or my vision of how the output is finally embedding all goes into a new way of life, but when I put my life in the process I'm in your hands, when it reached see that my output is in God and let him do in his time, not mine and anxiety that overwhelms me.
The mercy of God is infinite and unfathomable. Wonderful are the surprises that is showing us the way out to a new life. Life that although much of what we had and wanted, is yet another mystery that is presented to our free will begin to unravel a skein of that if God pulls the thread, not break and weave a new world and be a new seed that is time we provide new and more abundant fruit. It is a finding of my reality. A truth that I have lived and am living.

Learn to let their hands out.Learning to trust who will never disappoint us.Learning to wait on their time because they will be the best times.
For some time I have learned that every day my freedom if I decide to put it in his hands and entrust myself to him, that day is transformed and fail to see how my life is shining and the shadows disappear. This I call "my prayer", my "to be with God."
Let my experience to find the exit in the most difficult and painful also serve so you can find it.

God bless us with his boundless love and infinite mercy and save us from ourselves.
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