30 sept. 2012


PSALM 2, Verses 7-12

"I will communicate the decree of the Lord:He told me: "You are my son,today I have begotten you.Ask me and will be your inheritance,your property, the ends of the earth.The regirás with a rod of ironand shatter them like clay pitcher. "

Well, kings, understand,reconsider, judges of the earth.Serve the Lord with fear,kissing, shaking his feet;lest he be angry and you perish,because his anger explodes in a moment.Blessed are those who take refuge in him!.
The psalmist warns
Abuse of exercising power that was given from that to which you happen to govern, legislate, administer justice, provide jobs, or simply interact with one another, follows the product consequences of their own actions.

This act of divine justice is reflected in the Psalmist to remember that what we do today and make the detriment, in absurdities, in subjugation, taking over the resources they need to serve the survival of humanity as a whole with dignity, be destroyed by the weight of the accumulated evil.


This abuse of power is evident in all areas of civic life. The disrespect generated from their own use of language on those who differ or mark positions contrary is a misapplied power.

Abuse of power also warns distort and re-designing the actual information, getting it in a way listeners deformed so as to generate certain responses that seek certain goals.

Abuse of power is undermining the cultural, social of a nation by its citizens every day gain discernment and less confrontation, may elucidate the double standards and languages.
Abuse of power generated by all forms of slavery that calls through policies of 'fairness' are real instruments "welfarism paralyzing"
Abusing an unfettered right to deny the human being, the right to life, to live, to be born and thus be protected in their development as an individual reaching full free exercise to rise as humans.

Abuse of power that was conferred whenever one or another way manipulate any area of ​​city life in favor of a particular philosophy, politics, religion.

This suggests to me that Psalm rulers, governed, and citizens we must rethink the mechanisms of coexistence that we have chosen to relate.
It depends the future of all humanity: its integrity and survival.

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