21 oct. 2012

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD full movie in english

Conversations with God
It tells the story of Neale Donald Walsh
Writer of the book Conversations with God, Neale Walsh shows the transformation of a man in this case and any human being, from their lack of confidence, disbelief, to the experience of a God that if he is nearby. That God whose essence is love and that never fails to be present and attentive to our deepest need.
Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh moves us back on track to meet God, not from us, but that comes to us as a token of that love so incredible that it seems impossible. Thus the reaction of Neale, who after many hardships, with many sorrows, and decided to throw it all, however a spark of that infinite love of God opens the doors to his conversations with God.
We all have access to them, all without exclusion. Talking to God is doing in complete freedom, without hiding anything or anyone, not ourselves. In Him we can pin our joys and our sorrows, our insecurities and our certainties, our lack of confidence and the way the meeting, many suggestions we leave for this film based on the book Conversations with God also speaks to each of we.

Enjoy it's just the beginning.
Understand is the way.
Talking to God is the answer.

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