11 oct. 2012


A minute before I die ...

I saw a movie where as usual, a large meteor impact earth. For a year they had taken all the forecasts to try to intercept the meteor and everything fails. Achieved only in two. One less than the other, the first to arrive is the smallest generating widespread destruction and the second is devastating. Destroy everything. So the measures taken in all countries is to create large species "arks" built underground so that it can live for two years and then replant the land with all species.

Despite being a silly movie or not, but in itself does not matter, what matters is that got me thinking: what would I do in a similar circumstance? If people chosen to participate in the new planting and continuity of the species on earth, how would I or would I?
I felt that I could be of people new hope, that mankind could be saved to restart it all, choose to stay with all who would live one way or another in order. Or the beginning. Our trip to the encounter with Christ.

Why, why I felt this would make?If I reason, and people have been chosen for one reason or another, should take responsibility, to stay despite the pain of so many losses. Loss of so many human beings that I love and I would have to leave behind knowing what his purpose.

Plus, when I think back I feel like I want to stay, being of people departing from the way I play go to meet Christ.

Does not really matter. We die many times and many are losses that touch us through. That minute before my death, I actually lived many times. So why think about it? Because it is necessary.
It is necessary to assume that our death may be there, one minute apart just to be alive.
So what to do? And I felt, yes, I felt, because I thought: live! Using the time to live! Do not waste it and live the chronos, linear time, which ultimately marks our lives and control us. Living taught me something that my godfather, Kairos. That wonderful moment when you only live traps and makes fruitful.

Then I decided that from now on, I will try to live the kairos, the wonderful and supreme moment God gives us every step to make it fruitful.

And I felt my soul in peace. Life and death are one birth. Only catch every Kairos account, and make our lives a minute, a moment, a fruitful time. No matter what happens to us, it is becoming a new kairos. Each experience offers us a new and fruitful time. To each of a different, everyone the same opportunity: to catch life in that kairos.

Living as the apostles lived with Jesus. Intensely every minute without knowing that awaited them. Just live and give it to others. So then we are all "living", as they were, as they called themselves after the resurrection of Jesus. Living. They caught that time, kairos, live the fullness of life. So I want to live.

May we all catch this moment we do not know how long and fruitful life make. And we'll be living in the Kingdom of God that Jesus told us he was close and then gave us a being with us.

Lord we can all live and that Kingdom is among us without wasting a single moment of it.

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