28 oct. 2012

The climax of the sun's activity

Without God

Jesus eating home of the PhariseesTintoretto painting master

Nothing is more perfect than love (1 Corinthians 13, verses 8-10)"Love never happen. Prophecies lose their rationale, languages ​​and be silent no longer serve the highest know. Because this knowledge is very imperfect, and our prophecies are also very limited, and when perfection comes, what is limited disappear. "
These days I have seen several films, all of them talking about the power of man. Arise "messiah" everywhere. Until science discovers a new "emotional cells" that can cure every evil that afflicts us. In none of them have been pronouncing the name of God, rather put people in place and thousands of fans who go after the false prophets of our time. Creators of God become a man.
I've seen the tears of that lost everything and no matter the cause, but unable to raise his eyes to the love of God and His infinite mercy do not act at all times.

Difficult times ahead, even harder than we have known the product of a natural circumstances (intense activity displayed by the sun falling asleep for years and awake for others), and our intervention (depredation of nature and its creatures, predation of life at all levels towards a false comfort) that we will pass the bill.
Global Alerts scientists about the increase to a point that will peak in the sun, warns us of our fragility, our inability to see small we are in all our knowledge. Yet despite all this, comes a rare opportunity: Back gaze to the infinite love of God and accept his love be rebuilt.
Does this look back God will prevent the coming events: blackouts that can last from one day to several months; interference wide communications system that will leave the world incommunicado because the first to receive the impact of solar activity are all satellites that we have created, lack of food because instead of growing with good seed the powerful have taken over them and we have little or no use for its sterility; hospitals may not have all the existing technology because they simply do not electricity and we will continue listing it for a couple of years we live but worsen over the next year?
I'm sure you do, that turn our eyes to God and of learning to live by that love can change the itinerary of our future. Not the fact of living itself the result of our way of life that will be affected by a natural phenomenon. Yes it will change, if we assume that requires our solidarity, our respect for the other's need to take us to share. A not hoarding, not to limit the fruit of our hands to those who can afford them. There will be no power in the world, no government in the world that is more powerful than it is. We will all be equal, we are all equal. It is our great opportunity. Living in God's love will make the difference to get through perhaps the toughest conditions our society, for their own fragility and ominipotencia has created for himself.

I do not believe in the conclusions of both the apocalyptic prophecies of our time as many of the saints that adorn today the Christian pantheon. Do not think that in all of them, God's love is conditional love and feel our human feeling that we place in God, has built a punishment sent by God and kill innocent and guilty. God can only act out of love. It is its essence. You can not escape it. And love carries within itself the fullness of life, not take it away. Love itself takes mercy, not punishment. God would that God that Jesus showed us, if you condition your love for our do or think or feel or express? That conditional love belongs to men.
The way of life that advertise events and indeed we are already seeing: increased climate instability, occurrence of cyclones and hurricanes with greater intensity, increased seismic activity, etc., is our unique ability to choose. We will choose to live without God, living a God created our workmanship, or give us the opportunity to live your love, your love and your love. It depends on us. Culpabilicemos not Him, but our own inability to choose.
God could stop the events but if I did it would not be because God created us in his image and likeness would deny himself transform into marionettes aimed at will not allow us to act according to that capacity gave us: free will.

In our hearts and in our hands is the future that awaits us. With God we can turn it into an event gestador of new hope. Living in your love.

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