18 nov. 2012

A world in conflict, wars and corporate prosperity and power groups


Today is Israel against Gaza, Syria also in a state of internal war, the Congo in a fratricidal struggle and many more. The big business of war has spread through the world leaving behind millions of dead people, generating hunger, destruction, enslavement, taxation, slavery and destruction.
The power of large corporations and not just the arms, but also those that control the food, drugs, laboratories, banks, large corporations, and many others all hide behind a handful of men and women who perched in governments use and abuse their power to keep the world in check. A tight control of which we are unaware, or are simply refuse to believe that reasoning or visions of conspiracy or conspiracies that do not exist.
However, it is the denial of this reality that prevents humanity can achieve live in peace, respect, solidarity and a new commitment: the land and its output is not membership of a few, but of all its inhabitants: humans and animals.
The system we live in makes us believe that the confrontations and conflicts between countries, between brothers, between political thoughts, philosophies stem from disagreements generated among extremist groups.
Yes they are in hand, are only a small part. Who weapons to these groups? Who cause pitting against each other and from the religious, since membership of a territory or not?
These giants have taken own life: Corporations and the powers that are behind. Crouching as monstrous predators waiting to take the blow to the poor gazelle.
War is a profitable business. Only we, the others, those who are living this slavery in thought and in everyday life can make a difference if we wake up to this reality and say: Enough!
Suffice to international organizations have shown that only serve those who are considered friends turn while these friends turn serve their interests.
Enough of our blindness to covering our eyes as does one of the monkeys is a cause that so many others live atrociously.
Enough of our dumbness, that closing the mouth as does the second monkey, slavery causes so many others who are dying daily.
Enough of our deafness, than plugging our ears as does the third monkey, is because of obsequiousness and acceptance of subjugation of human rights and of the animals that they only remove and nothing.
Open your eyes and look.Open your mouth and say.Open your ears and listen.
Do not be a coward.Let's not be cowards.Others suffer the consequences of our cowardice.

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