12 nov. 2012

Baraka The last paradise

This film has shaken my soul.

Worth stopping 1 ½ hours or so to see it.
It's a film unlike any other.
You need to see it.
Do not judge until you reach the end.
If you feel there is no point,
If you feel you are going to stop watching partway through
do not.
See it
Stop, do not cut it.
They get bored?
Never mind, do not stop her.
The scary?
Never mind, do not stop her.
Undoubtedly, stir the soul in some sense.
We will move.
And this is the Holy Spirit.
Move our spirit.
Move to reflect.
Move to feel again.
Move to ask.
I can not know what your question,
I can not know where you will see her.
I only know what moved me.

Enjoy it
although it is very hard to see.
Although it is ....
Look at her.
Experience has moved within.

Baraka The last paradise

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