23 nov. 2012

Congo, a look into hell.

This urge to write about what is living in the Congo comes from seeing a channel here in Uruguay,

a truth that was not present. I thank the team for giving me Country Code brought to reality.
This confrontation made me investigate, seek, try to tell me more. Not because of a kind of morbid, but, to take charge of that part of the responsibility I have in this terrible suffering everyday living these humans to that in one way or another we have taken their rights. So I will get to video also below.
"Blood Coltan" is a stunning story-German channel TG4 documentary on the conflict coltan in Africa (Congo).
See the latter confronted me directly. Then I looked around and saw all I had in my application that was stained with the blood of so many innocents. I thought, I came to wonder: what should I do?, What should be my response to such atrocity?, Throw it all away??, Do you make a campaign to keep all these companies buy anything else? What to do?
I know I can not keep quiet and move on after having been in contact with this horror and meaning.
I know I can not do nothing.
So what?
Raise awareness. Awareness. But I felt: this is just not enough, not enough. Nothing will change and nothing will change in the lives of all these people: men, women, children. If only I become aware and stay there, nothing will change. So, what?
Then keep looking and see many videos of people who have dedicated part of his life to denounce the barbarity to which they are exposed Congolese felt there was a chance. And that possibility was that in the video

Coltan: Blood ~ Bloody Trade in our technology or "Blood Colton"
So I decided that from now one of my tasks in life would join forces to bring down the scourge of impunity. Write and make it known. Add others to be a change, a real change in the lives of all human beings contributing my little bit.
Many who read this note will say you can not do anything. In that case, I invite you to see the video "Coltan: Blood Trade. Solos maybe not. States surely does. And drop that hollows the stone, either, added, multiplied, by circulating this video and writing to UN officials, supporting groups or organizations that are trying to do may change this reality, itself will make a difference.
So I invite you all to join forces. Our comfort today is bathed in the blood of thousands of innocents. Our comfort today is bathed in our indifference, our lack of knowledge. And we do not have "the right". We can make the Congolese living. We can make the people of the Congo there. We can make the interests of these large multinationals like vultures descend upon what is not theirs, they are forced to quit. We together, raise our voice and make a difference. Together we can force governments indifferent members of the United Nations to hold these companies so they can not steal, buy, build and sustain armed conflicts, promote riots and made of any type of mineral soil of Congo. We united at least try.

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