24 nov. 2012

CONGO, while I live you die.

While I live, you who live in the "DRC" die. While I have the right to live in a certain range of freedom, you are trapped in the worst kind of slavery. While I can dream I see my sister's children grow, develop, becoming men and women who can with some freedom to choose their destiny, you see your loved ones die with machetes, be raped, enslaved in mines coltan, gold, diamonds ... to serve large multinational impunity to any checks have determined your fate: to live and die a slave.

What happens to humans that we do not like our horror of other beings suffering at the moment?

What happens to us humans who mostly see the extermination of thousands of people without affecting our daily lives?

How can we live without wanting to know, turning the page of the horror they are subjected entire populations?

How can we sleep with our consciences in peace, when we stay out of the suffering of millions of human beings who die by our indifference?

How can you, how?

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