10 nov. 2012

In the hands of others, your freedom.

The world has lived throughout the history of big giant conspiracy or conspiracies. Who cares coming side. All that matters is that your freedom is in jeopardy. Yes your freedom, my freedom, everyone. From the shadows, large corporate interests, the powerful interests who run the world's most powerful governments provide everything you need to simply be easily manipulated.

It is difficult to escape the trap. It is difficult to discern the truth of the facts and what they want us to believe as such. Do not believe in the power game, some are good and some bad. Both play the same game where you do not mind, rather annoying if you are critical and try to be a free thinker and as objective as possible. And if you and insist to be, the same system will try to bury you. Mass society itself will. Why? Because confront against a reality that wants to escape, which aims to pass unnoticed to avoid having to take responsibility.

It is the world of human decay. Mired in the immediacy of the problems themselves, we become unable to think how much responsibility we have in all of this.
Today we struggle between a society that denies and encapsulates everything, and society (the smallest) that despite all attempts to make it disappear, continues its course infatuated in not giving her as human beings

Christ returned as children of God, God created us in his image and likeness, and the Holy Spirit gives us all the capabilities we need to be participants in the creation of its kingdom, a kingdom that the words of Jesus, not of this world, but they live among us and to which we belong.
In the hands of others, your freedom.Only if you want it, only if you allow it, only if you give your the.

My freedom is in Christ, not the government in power, or powers that govern us or try to.My freedom built no escaping the reality around me, but not allowing it to absorb me. The built inside me. If my freedom depended on what I said outside, constantly change between being imprisoned or living a temporary freedom.
Freedom is being able to see beyond immediate events and make a difference. There is no freedom without a free public education while a widening of room for all. One main thing is education where humans become creative, original, unique and where they can express themselves freely, able to transform a world that goes, in a world where life shine.

Education is not giving information. Is to help develop the talents and virtues of every human being original, respecting its essence and nature. Educating beyond train future professionals, is to enable every child access to everything needed to be able to develop in all its powers.
No education, no freedom, no freedom, no dignity, no dignity man becomes a slave of another.

But education should not only be in the hands of the state but as an essential complement which must be received within the family.
I had that opportunity. I developed into a world where it was still possible to access an education despite their increasing impairment tended to gestate thinking human beings, able to be critical, to absorb the beauty, to dream and create. Amid a tumultuous world seeking off my human condition, could still stop it.

Today it is still possible to change the course of events. No matter how many interests that are opposed to it, you can still make a difference. It depends on you, you family, father, mother, depends on you. In your hands is the difference. To you to get out of the lethargy that is killing the younger generation taking them to slavery, because in the hands of others is their freedom.

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