3 nov. 2012

URUGUAY: New drug cartel?

URUGUAY: New drug cartel?

The Executive Branch has sent to parliament a draft law which would authorize the use of marijuana if consumers accept previously register with besides authorize and deliver the drug at a lower cost in the market, must go through the " attentive control "since the government would have us believe that it is" guaranteed ". And who will pass it to derive a recovery centers compulsory.
This in itself is smaller in that well from the Executive itself and some legislators lords (lowercase) promote self-cultivation of Marijuana.

Defenses for these projects from various sectors (in which are included in all colors and belongings) there are consumer tastes.
The important thing here is that once again Uruguay anticipates worldwide. No, safe, self-cultivation in Bolivia Coca, a country that since the government has promoted the self-cultivation of Cannabis. And do not be surprised to know it in your hands, but, in private hands.
Who are these privileged self-cultivation of cannabis, surely we'll find out. Fully trusted the government or the executive branch. I say the government or the executive branch because we all know that not all are for goods between the different sectors within the political party that won the elections. And although there are many questions in internal FA when voting, no matter the country and its people, but, whatever the defense of the interests of the ruling party. This is not said by me, but by several members of the same on several occasions they have been confronted by laws submitted to the legislature and at the onslaught of the opposition, and recently at the call PLUNAGATE case.
Uruguay, will face a new challenge: to fight against the drug cartels that recently visited us quite often. It must safeguard their own self-cultivation or private companies that produce those are granted the same to prevent the self-cultivation after passing cannabis Marijuana production and sale of the same to those sectors not covered . Case of illegal sale, it will be very difficult to prevent or avoid.
If Uruguay today is incapable and inefficient when narcos prevent govern from the various prisons to continue to operate outside groups, will be effective in combating the sale of their own illicit production?

This is the big question.

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