1 dic. 2012

11/9, Is that a deal or Treat?

11/9 the day that everything changed. From this moment, which is embodied in concrete acts on the population of the United States, fear that gets into the bowels, everything was possible to advance the interests of a few governments and among them the United States, a new escalation in the control of its citizens and the attempt to generate such control over all peoples.
Much has been said about 9/11 and who was responsible. Many questions and concerns arising from explanations are unclear have been generating a growing question: 9/11 was a real terrorist attack brought from outside by forces outside the United States that sought based on a fundamentalist hate giving a lesson?
To succeed in the response only enough to analyze the consequences post 9/11. What major powers were centralized in who holds the highest office? Are these powers, put aside convention, as the Geneva Convention on torture in interrogations and arrests? Are these powers, allowed to be exercised over the power of the Supreme Court or the High Court? Do you have power over all questioning to him by the Congress? Who endorsed these concentrations of power that come to allow obtaining answers to interrogatories crowded with impunity to get exercise torture inadmissible after the Second World War? Can exercised the right to a defense and trial of all rights provided? What about people who are arrested under the title of potential terrorists? Who are these people? After how 9/11 the U.S. Congress enabled millions to new items and services DARPA Defense and Intelligence of the United States? How are these resources used?
These simple questions, leading to the conclusion that after 9/11 it sought, was achieved. Population control through fear backed by major media conniving with the government.
Towards that objective goes parnafernalia created all this?We need to reflect. And it is our duty to question. It is our obligation to keep our rights and the rights of all citizens are respected. It is our obligation to curb the directed action of a few to damage the right to life, liberty and maintain control of powerful global financierons systems that control the will of politics.
Reflect and not turn his face.Reflect and question.Reflect and demand answers.Reflect and objectively analyze the power you have unknowingly given to those who exercise the highest magistrates, having since then about the life and death of human beings.Reflecting on this time is an obligation and not a chance we have.Being aware is our only weapon to disrupt the lie created to control us by fear.Being aware is our only weapon to return to the path of life in freedom.

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