22 dic. 2012

ADVENT 2012-2103

Christ the Redeemer

Visit this stunning image of Christ the Redeemer located as you know at the top of a hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that touched my soul as the reality of this time of preparation or Advent.
I did not like at other times use the wonderful works of art of the great masters of painting on the time between the Annunciation and the Birth of Jesus because in the depths of my being felt, that Advent is the time of the announcement, the Kerygma. In that sublime moment in history that would change history. Changing our own history each new Advent. This image of Christ the Redeemer is to me, the deep experience of meeting Jesus in each.
A Christ, God, Man, near each of the humans, who extends his arms trying to get to everyone, to all who are marginalized licensing of intellectual reasoning going to live this encounter. God's time is time the encounter with Christ in the depths of every being.
All are loved deeply by the love of Christ which is the perfect translation of the Father's love, more so we can live in that love, that should be personal and intimate encounter with Jesus Christ, and then to go to him. Needless to say, like Mary: Yes, here I am. My heart is fixed. My being is willing. Nobody lives deeply in love and true love spilling capar he first lived and is full of that all-encompassing love, what gives, that love of Christ, the Father, of God in its immensity.
His love does not deny anyone their love does not marginalize anyone, do not shed their love anyone. It's for everyone. But there is the need for this meeting and recognition of love. Without acknowledging the source of love, without naming that love, how to live that love in its entirety, in its immensity?
These open arms invite us to get inside them, to remain within them, to shelter us in them. We have to take the next step because the first step has already been taken. The first step did God in Christ, it was he who first came to our meeting. And as with all links, after giving the first step, the other must respond by the second step. Love is binding always takes two to bear fruit. Christ is the source, we are the branches if we take that step into their meeting and of the two, the fruit: love, to be loved and give that love.
Merry meet this Advent 2012 foolish laden prophecies that show us once again that the true way is Christ and no other. And we do not need to know the end of us, because we already know: being in the deep love of Christ, new born to the Father, full of life in the Holy Spirit, born of the womb of Mary.

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