1 dic. 2012

ADVENT 2012, a new birth

The voice of God through the Angel Gabriel announces:

"Listen, a child born of a virgin" Advent, Advent. Preparation time. Deepening time where our soul, our whole being is preparing for a new birth. Awaiting the birth of Jesus, we are preparing to be born with it.

Wonder of wonder, the mystery of this time that God gives us. Today everything is possible for you, for me, for all, God has said nothing is impossible for Him Today your life, mine, all can change, turn, transform and transform. A better world, sensitive, worth living only needs you. Need me, each individually and collectively.

Look at the sky, look around, look at the look in the eyes of your children, your family, those around you, look at you, and if you embrace this time, anything is possible.

No wonder: Why does God allow so much pain?, Responds: I can change and make a difference in all that without knowing I contributed to the pain that you claim to God? Yes you can. You are the difference. God just waiting for you, to embrace Him, to let soak in His infinite love infinite as St. Vincent Pallotti said, and make a difference.

A world of so much pain, takes all of us, need to take this time to soak up God, the God of Life, the God of Love, God of Tenderness, the God of Truth.

This time it gives us, is to learn to trust. To put him in the hands of our lives. Trust, will not be disappointed, you will not leave disappointed. My life is a testimony of his infinite love.

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