29 dic. 2012


Christmas.What is the deeper meaning of Christmas?At Christmas we celebrate many things: the meeting of the family and this may seem trivial, however, is very important. Christmas is the meeting of all the hearts that family meeting, provided by the most important event: being family.Being family is not only the blood bond is much deeper. Family is all that to which we feel in a very unique way: close to our heart. Sometimes, our family is not just blood, or just even to many who have lost everything, the family is. Family is the union of all those who are always to approach love. A love that is not ours and that is through our.That family may be blood, a man and his beloved animals, of a human and other humans who came by different circumstances around a fire burning under the sky and in the middle of nowhere, in a monastery surrounded by other gathered around one mind: the love of God

What is the deeper meaning of Christmas for each of us?

Christmas, 24 at night and 25 December are long gone. Families have gathered. They celebrated together, have desired: Merry Christmas. To make this possible, many families have had to leave behind very deep pain and deep wounds. But these days gone by, they have succeeded. The feeling of his previous Christmas Eve and made it happen.

For many living terrible moments, imprisoned, harassed by the meanness of oppressive governments, totalitarian, that are marginalized, Christmas has been the feeling of love shared by the same circumstances and in the same pain.

Christmas is also for other shared hunger where the common denominator of pain suffered by millions of human beings who live only today than their own bodies they leave behind or some crumb or spare someone to strip or left in landfills, outside restaurants in the best case, or anything of countries continue to live the greatest atrocity of thirst and hunger.

What is the deeper meaning of Christmas for each of us?

Christmas is also know that despite every one of the greatest suffering, the greatest indignity to a human being is exposed, there is a deep pain that others feel tortured to live so that others live, not understanding why hearts are not opened to ease that pain.

For believers in God as I do, Christmas is to feel the great grace of an infinite love that God through Christ has given us to give it to others. Find the way to go. Finding the means and mechanisms related to our gifts and circumstances for the love that was given to us without asking anything in return also reach every human being or creature that has ever experienced. Celebrate Christmas is that God incarnated in Jesus puts in our hands the delivery of that love. Christmas is the certainty that the "Salvation" is for everyone as we can stop being our own gods and looking to the one true God, our miseries and selfishness, look at all our suffering here and there, and give the so we find possible.

Is there love without hug? No.Is there then no love Christmas? No.Christmas Is not hug? No.

What was your Christmas? Who beyond what even close and even how hard you embraced selfless love? Christmas is what? Beyond us to exceed what separates us?

So my Christmas this year has come after 24 and 25 December. It is now in deeper reflection of what my have produced these dates. That's why I have not written explicitly about Christmas and Christmas Eve as in other years. I could not do it. I needed time to meet. From a very intimate and personal encounter with Christ. I find that there has been so much aware of the suffering that exists in the earth and that God does not want to be alive.

So let these reflections.So I let my feelings.So then let each of these dates, then the 24 and 25 December and before culminating in 2012, before December 31, we do question what was the meaning for each of us this Christmas? I think the only way we shall celebrate and close a year of pain and conflicts, hopes and certainties, have done for others and not doing anything for our selfishness. The close of 2012 is weighing on me all this. 

And thank God from the bottom of my heart for putting in my all these questions and conclude that He is always, always though my heart locked in too many closed, is at the heart of so many other who opened his to give to those who suffer because of our selfishness, omission, negligence, desaprensión. Know that He is always, always comes. Comes to open our hearts and make us extend our arms, and push our feelings to meet the much needed and I love a tight hug.

Happy Christmas.

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