23 dic. 2012

Lucas: The importance of Bethlehem and the manger.

Last Sunday of Advent 2012

Today God had a surprise in store. No Advent is like another. No God is repeated time and although it may seem. How much surprise on my face, in my expression? I: click after God revealed in Scripture from the Gospel of Luke in which he recounts that Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Ephrathah, in a crib mattress that lay "straw" and that his mother before his birth, already aware of it, traveling to visit her cousin Elizabeth "sterile and married to a priest who was speechless.

If only we were with the beautiful image of Luke about the birth of Jesus, and we do not stop what we wanted to convey, that little or nothing of our God we will have rescued and give reasons for its existence.
But first and then opened my ears, then my eyes and finally my mouth: see in these three images that Luke stops so exquisitely, what really Lucas revealed almost 80 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus shows us this:
Mary with 6 months of pregnancy goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth who was also taking the same time of pregnancy. Isabel Lucas says: was barren. And Zechariah (Temple Priest) had remained mute until the birth of John. He concludes: When Elizabeth saw her coming, the baby leaped in her womb.
In those days, the Jewish people gathered to receive the revelations of God exclusively in the Temple. There the priest in charge, located behind a wooden screen when receiving at the altar of incense that God was present, first to announce it and then to proclaim his word, was hitting jumps to be seen by the assembly because it obstructed the screen.
Lucas makes special emphasis in this image: beat twice says "jump", they "jump" to John in Elizabeth's womb. Now, moms who have had babies, know that without good move, no "jumps". So this has another connotation that Lucas wants to send us.
Isabel "sterile" prophet conceives to be announcing "Jesus, Savior and Messiah, God Himself" and for that John Jump into the womb of his mother, as the priests in the temple to announce the arrival of God.
Here St. Luke makes a deep cut in history and marks a before and an after. Before The temple hiding the presence of God and the presence was necessary to transmit Priest prophetic Word. From this moment: All of this has been "sterile" as Isabel and what has to be born, you do not need intermediaries to speak for him, because God himself will be God incarnate and who say, why John says Lucas: Skip on belly his mother. The prophet who will announce, in the womb and does not jump in the Temple that heralds the coming of God. Why in the womb and not in the temple? For God incarnate in human body as a human and live in the land that time like any other human. But is God on earth, visible, manifest, present.
This time the old priest remains silent while this happens. No more need for God while on earth is anyone to say for him, is the same God who manifests and expresses all. So Isabel sterility announces the end of time and the birth of a new age of God. The New Covenant between God and man in Luke gets so clear.
In a second step, Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Ephrathah and not Nazareth, where land then live with their parents. And the question became: Why Bethlehem? and my mouth came: to be the most humble, the forgotten of all. And I said that's partly yes, but also and most importantly: 1) God is not going to manifest amid the opulence of Nazareth, but in the middle of a village of very humble and hardworking. 2) and also one of the very important points: that people were people of "pastors", Messiah would come from the lineage of David, and David was a shepherd when he was anointed as his father. and 3) It is said that at that time already born Jesus census was sent to everyone according to their origin. "Census". Mean to "register". Here Luke tells us that God was "registered" in history as a man, in this case as a baby, in Jesus. Beyond that time discussed the Census or not, what matters is that Lucas, 80 years after Jesus' death and 33 years since its birth, places God as part of human history. No of fiction or fantasy, but the story itself of all of us.
Bethlehem people pastors and humility. Here comes Jesus, and here comes God in our history and in San Lucas and warns that the long-awaited messiah of all time, was to be Pastor of God's people, would come out of slavery. But the icing on the cake is: where is lying immediately Jesus was born?In a manger had become "straw". The straw bales way to feed the animals. Here St. Luke tells us that Jesus was born and to be the bread of life, the new food. Just as the "thatch" it is for the animals, it would be for humanity.
And then the gift of God that says: If we stay with the formidable image of birth written by St. Luke, without delving into the symbols that he stood in the middle of the whole narrative, we remain beautiful but childish idea. But if all these symbols we find every reason for our faith. Not our faith, to be set up after the resurrection of Jesus, because we have to believe in the controls and there faith deposit, but that God is a historical record.
Well and stop here. Paro to give everyone the chance to experience what I felt at that moment was discovering step by step this revelation that God had reserved for the end of this gift as Advent.
Happy end of the season of Advent.

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