8 dic. 2012


December 8, your day is commemorated as the Immaculate Conception. Today more than ever we need to look at you. Look to your SI to love of God and make our confidence you had in your heart that makes you lived deep love of God the Father. The God who knew and lived.

The world is torn again between religious fanaticism, political, philosophical and dogmatic. Looking at you can find what we are missing to produce in each profound change that is becoming increasingly necessary.

Looking at you is to learn to look at your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. You look at the infinite love of the Father. You learn to strip away the various idols that we have been created in this time of history in which we live.

Looking at you is to learn to deepen our faith. Strengthen our confidence and get in the hands of God, just as you did in those days.

Mary, you are our human model to follow. I feel the need to get into the depths of your bowels and fill of that experience the infinite love of God.

With your life teach us to walk to the most sublime love. And also know that each of these children, we receive that love and that love if we let it, as you did, fill us and only then can give great results.

Do not conceive distant. I feel close.

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