30 dic. 2012

New Year's Eve 2012 and Day of the Holy Family

We met again at the eve of the culmination of a New Year and the Day of the Holy Family.
Much to thank God for His infinite love and infinite. Much to thank God and His infinite mercy.
2012 has been a year full of new meanings. Culminated times, others still closed, and many new ones that God has opened.
2012 time of endings and beginnings. Harvest Time of my faith. Of change and transformation. From learning hard, difficult and necessary at a time.
2012 and a world that begins to outline a drastic change, rotund, blunt, without inflections. Year ending full of expectations, uncertainties, some fear and others hope.
2012 the gap before the economic crisis, human, essential and primary values ​​that puts us in a unique possibility: assume that we are wrong.
2012 a year that need to be clearly reflected. Stop, stop for a moment and look at our little world the width that has ceased to be foreign by the Grace of God.
2012 time where circulated thousand versions of the apocalypse, the end of the world, the Mayan prophecies, the extermination for a change of conscience and for others who would open in spite of ourselves.
2012 still not completed. Missing a full day. Our action could be the start of a new world from the last day of this year.
2012 and a world that awaits us hopeful, trusting each of us and our openness to love deeper than can ever know: GOD.
2012 The Light of Christ broke through the darkness and makes us say: Here I am, with open arms.
2012 the responsibility to look inward and stop blaming the outside. Take our mistakes and find joy in our successes.
2012 much to thank God and to God through human beings.
2012 a year of revisions, to begin a new cycle more committed to the suffering of all human creatures, animals, nature that are part of us, and we ourselves are part of the immense gift of God.
2012, in his eve reminder of the importance of the Holy Family. Understanding of the importance of the small family, but more so of knowing participants in the Great Family, all created.

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