8 dic. 2012

St. Vincent Pallotti, 50 YEARS

Today those who form part of their ranks, the ranks that led, motivated and moved St. Vincent Pallotti, celebrated its 50th anniversary. 50 years of fruits. Fruit arriving today. Fruits that supported the transcendence of Vatican II. Fruits that opened the Church to the world. All the baptized as participants responsible for the construction of this church that brings us together. Calls and summons us.

San Vicente is the architect of a church that goes down to the humble, to him who had no voice, to integrate it with their gifts and graces, wherever you are sitting Church. We left a great legacy that has continued to bear fruit though few know. That the result of the integration of the baptized, the layperson is devised co-participant in the creation of the Church of Christ.

No little led this effort and just 50 years old, entered the body of Christ to constantly remind thence responsibility as Christians have to God, to Christ, to the Church.

Humble to the end, never pushed his way to live the mystery of God, but to help us find within ourselves so that everyone had the option of living in that profundad personal encounter with Christ.

Today we rejoice in the world for a man to have risen to Holiness we called again saying that everyone has a place, just as we are, and where we stand in the Church is for everyone.

Happy day the whole world and especially all the Pallottine.

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