13 ene. 2013

Christ is not a Brand

The Christ that I have been released, because he so wanted, and so I have sought, not a "brand" or "label" that can be used by whom appropriate. and politically, and religiously, and philosophically.

That Jesus Christ, God incarnate in Mary, come to earth, to finish with all the hypocrisy and lies in the name of God had created men.

Judas is the best example we rescued from that life with God incarnate Jesus during his time on earth, in the flesh. Judas as all Jews expected a Messiah, a Savior. But what really expect? A man God, a God man, a human king, a human king to act according to each of conveniences.
Judas is the representation of all today trying to use Jesus as a flag social, political, philosophical, scientific and even religious. Judas is the true representation of humans have not understood anything, we have not left our navels, and that in every performance increasingly move away from that Jesus being God made man.
How Judas, which are labeled under the nomination of "leftist" talk about "Socialism" by labeling the God-Man, Jesus-God as marking the way to the "Communism" or to mitigate the strength of the name, precursor of "socialism".
Also the "right" have not understood anything. So have tried to label, using like mere commodity available to human whims.
Jesus understand it well: it is not left nor right.Jesus is the Emmanuel which means God with us.Jesus is the Messiah whose kingdom is not yet understood, not of this world. But not so far from us, on the contrary, because the United Kingdom is the Father, whose essence is love belongs. A love that our navels selfish, obsequious our eyes and our hearts of stone want to turn in our image and likeness.
Jesus is not to be understandable to human reason seeks to pigeonhole everything, the essence of love. From a love capable of giving life. From a love that is played by the transcendent life to give life, making us lean transcend our human condition to which we used to achieve the dignity to which we are called from our home: being a person.
Jesus is not a label. Or respond to political ends. Jesus Christ made the day he gave his life for humanity belongs to us all, is all, of those who seek Him in your heart even those who do not know they want.
So the followers of Christ, we must learn a lot to see as Jesus lived, what were his teachings and those stored in the silences that also had.
To be a Christian is not labeled or right, or left. Because labeled to take away your ability to believe that a world that was given out of love is not possible. Our mission so to speak is to bring Christ to everyone, without exception. And that everyone chooses if he wakes up in the love that gives him or loving side is like his own little navel.
Participate in the world, for Christians is to challenge any label. It contravene any label. That is, who wants to be served, must serve others, ie all politicians: If you want to be there, representing the needs of a people, learn to be a servant first, and that means leaving the selfless life for others , his own and those who are not. But as Judas, unable to understand Jesus and the kingdom that brought us, men and women today confined behind a label, we have turned human beings where the name tags and be "person" but do not count as mere number to add or subtract.
Can we, can we take Christ of what we have become?Christ is not a brand.And I do not understand, keep killing, raping, destroying lives and creatures, disrespecting, in short denying himself.
So many "gies" my grandmother have turned to Christ Savior, Messiah, Emmanuel to a shadow to the needs of every human navel.

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