5 ene. 2013

Epiphany, January 5, Kings

Press the soul to see how everyday we losing our compass north. Epiphany enjoy girl knew until I became an adult. Today I see how deep is the error of those joining the Kings Day is a day when gifts are received. Pure Commerce has dragged us to denigrate the lack of spirituality and the search for transcendence.
Desdibujamos giving away toys and hearts. We gave away toys and lose the sense of how important the human being, his sense of transcendence. Buy hearts for nothing. Inflate the belly of a system that is destroying the world without robots becoming more sense than to live a world without values.
How to explain that receive nothing because they have nothing, there is a God who loves them and that toys are not the meaning of Reyes? The head of his hunger, pain, not God, but man has become the most precious commodity output by removing all possibility.
What toys are off the wealth of giving a "right"? The right to "dignity" that is not cheap toys. Nor doing campaigns for toys in Kings who have nothing and those who want to buy their innocence and dignity by giving crumbs that last only one day.
God gives no crumbs. The man does. The human being is confusing or rather trying to remove from the life of human beings the greatest wealth to which we aspire: A God who loves us.
We blame God or eliminate from our lives. It is our responsibility to a world that is as wide as others. Where the pain, hunger, lack of freedom, oppression, slavery still so alien to us today as perhaps before they were not.
Christians are the most responsible because we still live the true God. This God through John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness and died teaching the true meaning of love, is now unable to find an echo in the hearts of most of us who call ourselves Christians.
Epiphany is the climax in which God made man expresses his love and happiness just recognize it for the many. Should not it be different? Is it not time to recognize that many so little recognized that love? Christians give away toys and continue numbing souls and consciences are silenced. Stop motion and to which we are led by the Holy Spirit.
Give away toys in Christian Kings Day, so there is only one God for the rich and for the poor pain suffering our selfishness, indifference and neglect.

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