6 ene. 2013

Epiphany, January 6, 2013

My Lord and our God, God has incarnated in the Virgin Mary, God that you became a man to pour all your love on us. My Lord and our God. Love love that you were from the beginning and love every moment you were. Light of Light coming into our lives to bring us out of the darkness. Light, Life, Love bathes us in the depths of our being to be one with you.
Few were those who kept hopeful time. But with boundless confidence, to the place from where the light was left without thinking, left to meet you. Days and nights they walked, days and nights without rest. Your light was so powerful that neither the fire was necessary. Open hearts, from remote locations, went to find you.
Today, when the world still want to take cover, hide, empty yourself is your Love Light so powerful, so generous, so kind that nothing can prevent many no longer with hope, but with absolute certainty to You look, go to You .
We need you, so generous that love, to leave this world of shadows, violence, weapons, darkness, banality, cruelty, pride, depravity and death. We need you, our lack of humility you need. Our lack of love I need. Look to You Lord, God incarnate. Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus, the Savior, our Messiah and God as necessary.
Today when we gave our children not Love You, but toys, clay idols created by the hand of man today than yesterday, more ancient times, now I need to learn to give in abundance as you'll be given . For those who know You, I know that You live and covered by that Love can become the guiding light that day I recognized as the Envoy, Emmanuel, God with us, our Savior, Jesus.
Poor are those who do not believe, because seeing, not wealth.Poor not see, because without your light, blindness leads.Poor are those who do not feel, because without your love, love is lost.
Love is so much more that you do not stop love lavishly and give us your life to give back. Many other safe walking in the silence of your love and give your own life. So many more are the saints, children of God and brothers in the land, that those who want to dress up so you do not see. So strong is your love, so intense is your light, and of generous is your life that rescues us from death and more life to take us.

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