1 ene. 2013


Happy New Year 2013
The first day of the year we celebrate with Mary.Blessed VirginMother of God

Today, the first day of the year, we celebrate Mary, on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, I want to travel through the imagination, at a different time, yet much like the one we live today.
I imagine Mary, as mother of Jesus, beginning a new era, different, with so many uncertainties as we have today each of us face this new year 2013 we are presented with great questions. The same questions that Mary certainly experienced. Everything was new to her. What was new was not your trust in God and in the knowledge that her belly was incarnate. In her arms she cradled the Son of God, the Messiah, the God who is always.
I see mired in concerns about the need to flee their country by the persecution of those who do not recognize the love and outlaw. As many modern humans suffering exile, escape, life in shelters, persecution, imprisonment, torture, fear and death and for the same reasons experienced by Mary.
I see her walking the pain of seeing so much misunderstanding, so indifferent, so selfish, so much abuse of power. As today suffer and suffer millions of human beings, animals, nature all.
However I see with what many at this time we lack: Certainty of God's love. His faith and knowledge of God knew that I loved her and never leave anyone out what they had to live. And Mary knew. Suspected how hard would be the way, because from the beginning to the Mother of the Saviour known, sensed what was coming.
So on this first day of a new time that is given to us in a new year, and without leaving behind all experienced, but trying to learn all this, look at this is to look at the future. Do today is to make the future. Transforming today, is to transform the future.
What we lack, that was Mary? The certainty of God's love. And that uncertainty does not allow us to fill the love of God. Like all love must be freely accepted. So God's love poured out upon each of all human beings, to be able to live and deliver, must be freely accepted. We can love in many ways, and our love will always belong, because He is love, but its essence can never leave on all that love if we can not like Mary to say YES.
This new year gives us this new opportunity: say yes to God's infinite love. Knowing close to each, making a world wide each day closer.
Understanding deep in our hearts that God sends no evidence of pain or the wants for us. Humans choose the path and we must accept the consequences. Every act, omission, negligence is a course that we decided to take. And we can change. We can do different because God in his generosity enables us to live with him to build a new bowl with everything wrong that we could generate.
So be the first day of this year 2013

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