21 ene. 2013

Jaque democracies in the World

Why talk about this topic in this blog that talks about my life with God?Freedom is a supreme gift given to man by God. And it should be lived. This gift is given to us with our will, we decide to follow God out of love for Him and not for fear. While also gives us the possibility that one who does not accept it or do not know, decided not to follow.When freedoms are at risk, it's time to speak up and report it.Why? Because everyone should be responsible for the world we want to live decides.Man has lived every political systems that have been designed according to his will and judgment. There has not been one that has not been tested. Upon creation of the man and he had decided to make God of his intervention in the lives of each and every day, the only system even with shortcomings, lacking, difficulties in which human beings can develop is the of representative democracies.Why not just Democracies? Because while its meaning Democracy means rule by the people, it can not act permanently deciding entirely by "town meetings" driving conduct increasingly complex and government policies. Therefore, it is necessary a representative democracy, which itself reflects the entire spectrum of society. You may need to make some adjustments, but no doubt, from all systems, is wider, which allows a better representation and thus a better understanding between all the realities of a society.In a democracy one can even be religious or not, profess a faith or another or none and well in all aspects involving a people.Any Representative democracy is opposed to any kind of totalitarianism. Whether you call them right or left. When a government is based on the power that gives the people but does not respond to the standard as it has given state for a healthy living and put "politics above the law", is beyond the legitimacy granted a people in free elections.Democracy as well as being supported by the legitimacy of a this or that political party access to the government of the State, must be legitimized in its content.The content of any democracy is the basis or legal rule that it is freely given, constitution or charter. The laws underpinning. Without these elements in their entirety, democracies to stop being a mere fraud, a democracy used for other purposes.This is happening today in Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, in almost all of the countries that are part of MERCOSUR, UNASUR, CELAC, dawn, etc. But it also happens in the world. In many of these countries as in the United States in recent decades and it has even begun to take hold political groups that are part of a group that was formed in San Pablo called Forum whose ideological basis is the rearrangement and Leninism-cheguevarista installation. And on the other side from the second world war and the possibility of losing power hegemony, the greatest capitalist interests meet in what has been called "Club Bielderberg.In between great powers, we, the citizens, that we live in freedom and yet we are ideologically driven and massively by some political groups and even far-left and center-left left and across those of training neoliberal capitalism and ruthless.Today we live in a representative democracies Jaque. Specifically talk Forum San Pablo because besides touch us directly.And to show just enough of a button.The following are the conclusions of the XVIII Meeting of the Forum of San Pablo, which met in Venezuela, Caracas, from 4 to 6 July 2012 and reads:"... Almost ten years later, the Latin American left would launch a counter product which, twenty-two years after its founding, the Forum are ruling parties in ten African countries, after winning the corresponding elections, undertaking immediately in some cases replacement of representative democracy (legitimation of capitalism par excellence) for a new political model, suitable for the socialist path (previously defined as Leninism-cheguevarista) assumed where the governing Left considered that this is possible without there is no case to date in which the left has lost an election after the government reached for the votes ...) "The Latin American left to their new challenges"

Each draw their own conclusion.I've got mine: Jaque to democracies in the world.

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