30 ene. 2013

Jaque to life and corrupt politicians

Jaque to life.There is another possibility that better expresses the terrible victimization of life that humanity suffers today.
Everywhere arise legislation contrary to life and what is frightening to see people: men and women, to support and demonstrate for them as if it was their life. Really strange today. Yes, life is going. I just do not see it. They are going in life these monstrous laws of future humanity.
Today I read a Petition to sign urgently I did get to stop in Panama favorable vote of the "Sterilization and young girls." Yes, it's terrible. We speak of "sterilization" as in the former Nazi camps and new swarming today but no one wants to talk about them.
Yesterday an incredible discussion activist platform I belong: they argued about the "obligation imposed on Ethiopian women who ask citizens to enter Israel as being previously injected with the contraceptive Depo-Provera" and track them to control birth. "overwhelmingly say almost overwhelmingly agreed on the need for this to be applied and that birth control should be a state policy in that part of the world considered" poor, uneducated and unable to otherwise they have children. "This is the expression of those considered" Cults and developed. "
Pro-abortion law is widespread in much of the country and continues to add more.The legitimacy of the exclusive rights of women about their bodies and other leading inside, proliferates and if you think so, or "do not defend the rights of women and therefore are against it" or are "delayed mental ".
The promotion in all media in the acceptance of a new model of "family" consists of two of the same sex, unable to bring forward a new life.
The global political complicity and without niceties screaming to the world through different political groups and activists: Birth Control or the planet can not sustain us all and fall defeated by mass starvation. A lie repeated a thousand times that human selfishness has become a reality for millions of people "brainless" to step back and objectively to see what the reality of why there is hunger and millions die from it. Do not stop to think how the consumer lifestyle, selfish, unloving, sensitivity, has generated market control policies that prevent hunger is satisfied.
Death, death, death every day. Every second a life is lost. It kills.Thousands of creatures are born. Thousands of women are forced to kill their inner life.
To support all these lies that hold large economic groups not willing to change anything and conniving corrupt politicians and their supporters in exchange for a piece of the pie, makes us so corrupt, collusive and murderers like them.
Take off our masks. Stop lying. Humanity does not die because others are born. Poorer countries have children living in the most humiliating poverty in deeper indignity because both colonialism and imperialism, both the left right as there have left. Used as slaves by a penny a month what we use and manufactured using the capitalist world as socialist. Slaves who get into mines to steal the wealth of its soil.
Then the other big lie: the woman has exclusive rights over her body. I wonder and who gave it?
As a child, do not have responsibility to their parents?As a mother, do not have responsibility for their children?As a sister, you have no responsibility to their brothers?As a friend, do not have responsibility to their friends?As a woman, do not have responsibility for your own self?As a wife, not responsible for her husband?
Never no human has about him an exclusive right as that right is limited by the responsibility that calls us to share in community life, society, family, group.
Women have the right to enjoy their sexuality, yes, do not argue. And it does not share the view in much of the church they love. But the enjoyment of that sexuality can not be "bestialized". It can lead to irresponsible acts, to conduct in violation of the inalienable rights of the life of another.
Bestialize sexuality is to bring sexuality to mere physical enjoyment, subtracting the most important value capable of elevating the dignity of the human being to be called PERSON, which is the experience of love. But this is another topic for another time.
If you do not wake up and see what we have become, there will be no life to live.

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