21 ene. 2013

My Twitter account has been suspended

Twitter a network would

While my account was suspended a second time from Twitter, on the first occasion the reestablished in less than 1 minute. In this second chance I have no idea when the reset.
I have been following accounts and accounts that are following me it is clear that governments bother. Including that of Argentina, Venezuela and the U.S. perhaps.
I have also had the great honor to speak in some way of trying to be hacked into my email account, indeed, still trying. I do not know that they have been obtained. In my Twitter account was hacked by an account in addition to stealing account information and your followers but also users is dedicated to "steal" money from donations that were made to the original account hack that seeks to alleviate the pain of abandoned animals.
But I want to refer to the seriousness of Twitter, to know not to be, your account suspended and investigated thoroughly. Then if it was a mistake, but this will cause deep damage, the reset. I just hope it's soon. Because through it and help to restore freedom in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, contributed my bit in order accounts of freedom in Pakistan, India, Syria, Palestine, and many more. Also through other accounts helped people spread all the new slavery of "trafficking" or forced disappearance from children, babies, teenagers, men and women their relatives desperately seek. In another sense supported the request for a fair trial for a U.S. Marine and Wikileaks Assange himself. He also supported all aspects of climate, environmental care, orders states to end human and animal abuse. Anyway, stuck in many things, I think eventually annoy many governments and especially also to many people.
Twitter gives you the possibility of the defense, so I made my disclaimers and now to wait, knowing that I was not aware and aggressive in tone, and in the formulation of my ideas. Beyond clear that a certain person Argentine government did not like as other intgrantes Forum St. Paul not only spoke freely about them and their attempt to destroy all suplantándolas for Representative Democracy Leninist regimes throughout Guevarists region and with branches in Europe. How also report the existence Bieldelberg Club that meets after the Second World War the most powerful in the world in terms of money and power.
Well I think there are many who want me either. But I understood that one way to serve God, was trying to open minds and awaken in them not only the love of God but our responsibility as individuals to the plight of many millions.

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