31 ene. 2013

Road to Ash Wednesday 2013

Ash Wednesday.
One more in our lives.
We passed the apocalyptic prophecies doomsday and awful events that would imply. Here we are however, a new way to Ash Wednesday.

Commitment of one day with God. This day is so personal, so one. Only one with God. There in front of him there with Him in an intimate dialogue, deep, where only you can find the answers to what happened and the certainties of the future house.

Ash Wednesday, a time to listen. In silence. To deepen within us. Time unsuspected riches. A gift from God. A new time that leads to new life.

For personal circumstances, this year from half the year has led me to not be able to participate in the life of my community. However, what I thought was wrong, God did it again. He gave me a time of understanding and a new activism that had not before. It allowed me to experience the certainty of unconditional love while I begin to put myself in his hands. My life in your hands. The lives of others in their hands. An exciting time.

Ash Wednesday, unites all Christians in a single act of encounter with God, in reflection of all that can change if we learn to tell the truth about ourselves and stop running from them as false idols.

My Ash Wednesday, in this 2013 so troubled, so hurt by the pain, so lacerated by the lies, calls me to reflect on why I am part of it and to what extent contributed to keep it that way.

My Ash Wednesday, in the year 2013, a new possibility of God I become his hands believe pot with infinite love.

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