18 ene. 2013

The relics of a truth

How strange we humans? We went through wars, suffer the death, maiming, loss, madness, homelessness, rape, tears, separations and yet time and again we repeat the. No possibility of conceiving a life with dignity for all, confronting our own rationale, makes us enemies. Enemies in culture in everyday life enemies, enemies in politics, enemies ... How many enemies and many enemies created build we join?
Life has become "relics of a truth" of a forgotten truth.
Death everywhere. Life without spot or place.Millions dying or killing millions.Humans aimlessly lead others to live in their own virtual world created.Ones that do not see, but still looking long.Ones who do not listen, they cover their ears to hear not take responsibility.Ones that do not suffer the pain of the other, leaving locked and without words to comfort you need.
The life we ​​have become "relics of a truth," a truth destroyed.
Who is right? The truth hidden in these relics. He that is able to escape the folly of a world and a society full of gimmicks and tricks, traps and betrayals, of cronyism false and false friends. He who is not ready to be loved by love as they say today too. What false quote: Do men can love too?!
The relics of a truth I say: Do not look back, still in this virtual world, trying to bring true love. Do not let the traps you added one after another they create flags that only look at their own narrow interests. Follow, follow, follow ....
Makes commitments while others do not.What other people call you "crazy, stupid, boring" as you lift the premise of the value of life!
Sum, and the sum is slow.Subtract that wants your hands and feet tied, wanting to close your mouth and add to the lie.Wake up that much remains to rescue those relics of truth today sleeping.

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