14 feb. 2013

BENEDICT XVI and what has made my

Benedict XVITime of his inauguration as Supreme Pontiff of the Church

His resignation on February 11, 2013Day of Our Lady of LourdesWorld Day of the Sick

I will not dwell on all that has been said and written about the time, circumstances and reasons that led to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Nor about the prophecies of St. Malachy.
I want to refer to that bit is read, to which little is heard. In what really was the Ministry of Benedict XVI, I believe that after the Pope Paul in times of great definitions for the fledgling Church after Pope John XXIII practically forcing bishops to attend the Second Vatican Council , after insisting inclaudicablemente and despite opposition and confrontation that suffered for almost 4 years before it failed, the Pope makes a deep impression on the Church of the present time.
Benedict XVI left among other strengths negligible implemented the legislation about sexual abuse by priests and bishops of the Catholic flock, also leaves a transcendent act for the future life of the Church of the XXI century, which was the first Pontiff to signature on bank transparency agreement will form a new way of controlling the finances and their source. Subject as rugged as that until that day signed his name, many Popes wanted and did not pursue.
Benedict however escapes people. Amid the din that the tabloids want to hit, where it emerged that all the troubles never bitter darkness of proceedings of the Church, Benedict XVI escapes people. Not because he escape, but, because people lost in the tangled strategy of great powers that conspire to make her figure and made him miss and dilute amid the mediocrity and lack of depth that surrounds us today.
Benedict XVI to which we can or try to escape so much garbage written, so many lies and half-truths spoken, in so many words that are released causing doubt and trying to generate it for now, we are enriched.
Benedict XVI has taught us to join the path of faith and reason. To understand and comprehend the true nature of the teachings of Jesus, to affirm and deepen our faith inside and out of childhood in which many are still submerged.
Benedict XVI with a charisma not understood at this time, is so far the XXI century pope, his mark, his true transformation initiated and conducted in a deeper foundation in the Catholic Church, can only be viewed with prism of those who are left wrapped in lies and deception.
Benedict XVI met with its low profile drive however has raised a before and after in the foundations of Catholicism. Faith has led to his very core. Today many of us can place ourselves in what he has called "Christo". Yes, our faith had faded from the experience of a religiosity that was becoming pagan. Horrified by what I say? Cruelest truth is we are facing Catholics Christians.
Benedict XVI, Marian from his heart, is Christ-centered in their faith. And this has left us with his example, his preaching, his encyclicals, his books, his homilies. We hope and certainly not go to infertile lands. Catholic Christians are called to let the idols that have been built up over time. Saints look to learn from them, study and understand the gaze of Christ, without converting them to "saviors or miracle workers" in the new idols with feet of clay that we have processed and largely responsible for the institution itself Church and their various congregations.
Benedict XVI, has led our eyes, our hearts and our certainty to El Salvador, to Christ. We returned to true discipleship. We have become true children of God that we have left to do and molding his teachings.
Benedict XVI, Catholicism has returned to his Lord and Savior, the true God made man, present and alive. It has stripped the banality of the miracle, to transform it into what it is. God. Not a miracle worker. No one Almighty we managed to taste and whim created by our inability to understand the wonderful gift of making us in "his image" making us responsible for our freedom, the exercise of the same and therefore the consequences of each act brings us, without taking away one iota of His infinite love infinite, infinite in His infinite mercy in the words of St. Vincent Pallotti, which acts each time we are able to deliver our daily lives in their hands.
Benedict XVI, has brought the true Lord of Lords to the table everyday. It has done this, as never have ceased to be. The Messiah, El Salvador, who is the source of life.
Benedict XVI has created a new spiritual revolution. It forces us to rethink, moves us to search for truth. Leads us to the meeting that should never be: Christ, Christ, Christ before, during and after every moment of our lives.
His resignation, thoughtful, dialogued with Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit calls for a profound act of reflection. Is teaching a generous heart for the love of Christ, free from the desire for power. It is a shift in the balance. Confronts us, we asked, question: who wants to be the greatest, must learn to be the youngest among his brothers. He who seeks power must learn to be a servant. You should learn how to wash the feet of those who intended to guide, lead. Server and must be served. Confronted with this decision not only individual Christians but, to the great rulers and governing powers in the world and seeking to take the helm of the Church.

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